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Positive feedback from some of those who enjoyed the festival

October 2006

Some of the plaudits received by The Pump.

Dear Ray,

I couldn't let this wonderful week pass without asking you to publish our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the music and village festivals. It must have taken tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to organise such a spectacular week. It was wonderful to see the village come alive as it did; and I am sure that much will come of it. Thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

Patsy & Bob Lewis


Dear Editor,

My wife and I went to the Stoke Ferry Festival on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was obvious that the organising team had put a lot of effort into the programme and event organisation. Let us hope that the weather is as kind next year as we are looking forward to another superb event.

Mike Johnson, Narborough, 01760 337296


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Residents Association for the wonderful day on Sunday 17th September. The Festival was a great success, and I hope this will become an annual event. Hopefully even more Residents will take part next year. How nice it was to wander down the High Street chatting to people, without having to worry about traffic. I know how much work has to go into making this type of thing a sucess. Once more my congratulations to all concerned.

Janet Stocking


Dear Editor,

Warning!!!!!! If you start doing things like you did this weekend you are going to be in-undated, your lives will not be the same again. Be warned I did it in 1991 & I haven't been the same again!!!~#####

Honestly, if one puts up a few old photos (they were done beautifully,simply & uniformly) you are asking for trouble.... Are those photos still up in the Church? My relatives are coming from Australia next week & Auntie has

some you haven't got & I know someone who has loads.... Can I have a copy of that A4 size & 6 A6 size? Can you put them on a web site?

It was a lovely event, to walk through a Village that I have only driven though, many years ago, to soak up the atmosphere, see some wonderful buildings. (I love the materials used in the walls)

I'll be back next year.

Best regards Stoke Ferry............

Ant Robinson

Great Massingham Historical Soc.


Stoke Ferry Festival

Postcard Photographic Exhibition.

The John Stocking Stoke Ferry Postcard Collection on show in the church, as part of the festival, was a wonderful success. From the moment the doors of the church opened until the area was cleared for the Choir 'Singers Inspired' in the afternoon, the exhibition had a constant stream of very interested visitors.

Far too many towns and villages have lost this part of their heritage as family and subsequently village postcard and photo records get destroyed with the passing of time. Stoke Ferry is lucky that this has not happened. It is also lucky that the exhibition has prompted people to talk about their memories of the village's past and to remind them that they too may have some of the village history tucked away in an old shoe box or biscuit tin in the loft or in the back of the cupboard. While the exhibition was on, several of the visitors remarked that they may be willing to let their postcards and pictures be copied or even given to the collection, and therefore expand and enhance the record of village life.

If you were one of these people or feel you could expand this unique collection please contact Peter Bodle on 01366 500194. He will then arrange for the copying to take place and then for the prints to be added to this unique collection.

Peter Bodle


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