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October Editorial

October 2006

A quick look around the events held in September

Hello again,

Well, have you all recovered from Stoke Ferry's week of festivals? I had assumed that the timing would not allow responses in time for this edition, but as you will see on pages 55 thro' 57 my assumption was very much in error. Clearly, so many people enjoyed the special day on Sunday 17th September that there is already clamour for a repeat Festival next year. Perhaps one or two more Pump readers will be prepared to offer their services for planning the next event? It really has been a lot of work for a few dedicated people. Particular praise must go to Joyce Hull who, as Chairman of the Stoke Ferry Residents' Association, cajoled, pleaded and prodded to ensure everything was ready on time.

From a personal point of view, the Festival clashed with the Annual General Meeting of the RAF Cranwell Apprentices' Association, but I did manage to scramble back to Stoke Ferry to enjoy the Sunday events. I have never seen so many happy people in the High Street and on The Hill! Perhaps local residents could have been given early warning of the closure of Wretton Road, but this is not meant as a major criticism. After all, it didn't take me more than a couple of minutes to go round the loop to get to Wretton.

The month has also been significant for another personal reason. On 22nd September Maureen & I celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary and we had all the family with us the following day in The Village Hall. Perhaps it was this special event that made Margaret Thirwell's poem on page 55 more poignant? I love the ending!

As you will see elsewhere in The Pump, autumn is the time for Annual General Meetings. Dates have been set for the Village Hall and The Village Pump and a date for the Stoke Ferry Residents' Association will be announced in the next issue. Do please give your support by coming along and expressing your views.

This month sees a tremendous rise in feedback from readers; this is just what we want. Here's hoping that the Stoke Ferry Festivals fosters our village spirit and we can get the whole village working together for a better future. To this end Stoke Ferry residents should shortly receive the Village Plan Questionnaire. Please do take time to fill it in and have it ready for collection when required. You have a right to have a voice in planning the future of Stoke Ferry.

Ray Thompson

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