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Letter to The Editor 2

October 2006

A second resident concerned at the article in The Lynn News

Dear Editor ,

Further to Mr Brian Harrison's article in the Lynn New's & Advertiser on Tuesday 12th September, I must disagree with him. I do not think that residents were "woken up with a start" on the Saturday mentioned, THEY WERE ALREADY AWAKE!!!

Mr Harrison also stated that he was upset that immediate residents did not get an apology for the incident. This on the face of it sounds reasonable, except that if Mr Harrison was at the party thrown at Mr Kit Hesketh-Harvey's house that night which kept a lot of residents awake into the early hours with loud music dose he know, did they get an apology?!!

I am surprised Mr Kit Hesketh- Harvey was not asleep at 5AM as he had been partying al night! I believe this was an outside party for the later part and I am enraged at the total disregard for anyone else in "the heart of the village" especially the "ears of the village"! One resident at the other end of the village thought that there was a rave on. They were woken at 2.45Pm to the loud music. I would be surprised if close by residents got any sleep at all that night or morning.

Fair play, have a party, have an outside party if you can BUT have regard for other residents who are trying to sleep.

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