River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Apologies for the noise

October 2006

Kit apologises for noisy 21st party at Park House.

I would like if possible to tender my sincere apologies to those residents who were disturbed by a party given on the night of Friday September 8th, on the land behind Park House.

My nephew was celebrating his twenty-first birthday, in a one-off event. The weather forecast had predicted that the wind would shift to a southerly, and we thought that by moving the party away from the centre of the village, the

noise would be carried across open fields, and that the impact would be minimal. In the event, the wind remained against us.

In small mitigation; my nephew is in the Irish Guard, and his regiment is this week flying out for deployment in Iraq. The mood of his comrades was accordingly heightened.

The colossal explosion which rocked the village at about five in the morning was, as I am sure we are now all aware, a gas boiler exploding at the Grampian mill, and not, as was assumed, a result of the young men's


To those villagers to whom I have not already spoken, I must re-iterate my apologies, and will be happy to address any individual representation made to me.

Sincerely, Kit Hesketh Harvey.

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