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October 2006

Graham discovers Plantation garden in Norwich

This is strictly a half-day out as the Plantation Garden in Norwich is just a little short of 3 acres. It was originally created by Henry Trevor, a successful Norwich businessman, between 1856 and 1897. The garden fell into disrepair during the mid 20th century and was not rediscovered until 1980. Obviously it was completely overgrown and a trust was set up to save and restore the garden.

The garden's features include an amazing Gothic fountain, a faux mediaeval terrace walk, woodland walkways and a rustic bridge. It is set in what was once a chalk quarry and even though it is only some 600 yards from the city centre, the quietness is quite something to experience. It is a lovely, tranquil place where you can sit quietly and contemplate without any interruptions from the outside world.

Plantation Garden is situated at the back of the Roman Catholic cathedral, on the Earlham Road. Admission, by way of an honesty box, is £2 and parking is free in the Black Horse car-park just down the road (the pub would appreciate a courtesy call!) We will definitely be returning to this garden and trust that some of our readers will make the visit - not too many though otherwise the peacefulness and quiet of the place may get slightly tarnished.

Graham Forster

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