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September Editorial

September 2006

Ray ponders the possibility of alien life forms visiting Oxborough Road and looks forward to the forthcoming Music festival and Village Festival.

Hello again,

Have you noticed that every summer we get tremendous reports of more and more fantastic crop circles? Naturally, you can only have crop circles when you have crops, so the timing is not unexpected. Usually, there is more than a hint that these wonderfully geometric designs are the work of people not from this plane...

Well, here in Stoke Ferry, we have a different sort of Alien markings and I am convinced that they originate from outer space. About three months ago, when I went to the Corner Shop to collect my daily paper, I noticed that the pavement on Oxborough Road had been calibrated in the form of a metric ruler. Now my theory is this: I believe that Aliens are so impressed with the wonderful old buildings on the north side of Oxborough Road that they want to extract them from us and take them back to their own planet. In order to ensure that they have the right sized spaceship for the job, they needed to calibrate the road in the Alien equivalent of a metric ruler to determine the exact dimensions of the payload they intend to extract.

Now if you think this theory is far fetched, take a look yourself! You will see the evidence clearly in front of you with the corroborating facts of the many trial space craft landings which have caused considerable dents in the road itself. Like all good researchers, our Aliens have carefully marked the footprints of their spacecraft0 landing gear to ensure they remember which sizes they have used so far; but be warned, they will be back!

Now if you think this theory is off the beam, then please tell me what all the hieroglyphics are! They can't be of vital local importance or someone would have made use of them by now, surely?

Stoke Ferry is also in the news this month on a more romantic theme. Starting on Saturday 9th September, the West Norfolk Music Society launch their inaugural festival in the Stoke ferry Church offering a week of classical concerts culminating in a virtuoso performance by our own Kit Hesketh-Harvey.

Closely following on the heels of these concerts will be the Stoke Ferry Village Fair with the major events taking place on Sunday 17th September around the High Street and the Hill. Full details of both events are included inn this edition of The Pump.

Many people have worked long and hard to make these events a success the village can be proud of, so do give the support that all the hard work deserves.


Ray Thompson

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