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Runnin' On

September 2006

Janet finds inspiration for a visit from a table mat...

I do wonder if anyone else can remember the time when table mats were given to people who bought cereals. I have kept our mat, it has an attractive picture on one side and our breakfast ritual wouldn't be complete without it.

The scene is a village inn, the Fleece Inn at Bretforton, Worcestershire. A hen is keeping a watch on her young chicks, a lady carrying a basket is looking as if she has some scraps for the chicken and a fan tailed bird is hoping there will be some left for it too.

The Fleece Inn began as a 14th century farmhouse then spent 5OO years in one family as an inn. The cracks between the stone flags are still marked white to prevent access to witches.

The inn itself is just exactly how most folk would love to see it, my imagination is running away with itself right now. I'd love to know if any other people have saved their table mats, perhaps the villagers and the gentleman of the village now wonder where their mats came from.

Mr T has just found Bretforton, South West of Stratford on Avon, and The Fleece Inn is still there, maybe we could have a day out soon, with a bag of scraps for the chicken.

Janet Tilburn.

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