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August 2006

The minutes of the July Liaison Meeting from Grampian Foods

Grampian Foods

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill

Wednesday 5th July 2006

Present: Mr Matthew Ferrie (Parish Council representative)

Mrs Pat Holton (Village representative)

Mr Lionel Hails (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Mike Smith (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

Ms Helen McCaffery (Environment Agency)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor, Village Pump)

Mrs Trudy Mann (Parish Council)

1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from Mr Dave Robson

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (15th March) and matters arising

Mr Smith introduced to the Committee Mr Lionel Halls who is the new General Manager for Grampians Southern Agriculture Operation. Mr Halls will be responsible for the feed activities coming out of Stoke Ferry Mill

Mr Smith also announced that he would be leaving the Company in the next few weeks to move back to Yorkshire. The Company will make a decision over Mr Smith's replacement in the next few weeks.

Mr Smith stated that he had received a letter back from the Borough Council EPO confirming that they will continue to chair future meetings. Mr Dave Robson will take on the role of Chairman. Unfortunately Mr Robson cannot attend this meeting due to holiday commitments.

The committee elected Mr Smith to chair the meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Mr Ferrie asked Helen McCaffery for an update over the issue with the PCI responding to the IPPC permit for the site

Helen McCaffery confirmed that the Agency had issued a PPC permit to Favor Parker Ltd on the 17th March 2006. Unfortunately the PCT had not provided a response to the consultation on the IPPC application. Helen McCaffery advised that she would be contacting Dr Rees to discuss whether the PCT are able to provide any assessment or assurance, which may involve the Health Protection Agency as specialist support. During the interim Helen McCaffery advised that she had reviewed comments received from other PCTs following consultation on IPPC applications for animal feed mills, operating a very similar process to the Stoke Ferry site. Each of the PCI responses reviewed had referred the applications to the Health Protection Agency (HPA). In addition to a number of specific comments regarding the sites, the responses from the HPA state that compliance with the listed legislation and if well managed and regulated should ensure that activities conducted present a low risk to local receptors.

Mr Ferrie and Mrs Mann remain concerned that there is no specific assurance that the Stoke Ferry site does not present a health risk.

Helen McCaffery re-iterated that she would seek a view from the PCT (& HPA) however, some assurance may be drawn from the fact that the HPA considers that, in general, the activities carried out at animal feed mills are a low risk

3. Complaints received since the last meeting

Mr Smith reported that the Company had received I complaint form Mrs Pat Holton. Mr G Rosser complained of a loud noise coming from the site at approx 23.3Ohr on Tue 4th July. An investigation found a faulty pressure gauge on one of the boilers. The back up boiler was put into operation and the faulty gauge was changed.

Helen McCaffery reported that the Environment Agency had not received any complaints since the last meeting, however she was aware that Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council had received a complaint on the 29th March 2006. The complainant had reported a very high-pressure steam release, which sounded like a jet engine.

lnvestigation showed that the boilers were being annually serviced and tested for insurance purposes, which included blowing steam down.

It was agreed by Mr Smith to supply future dates, to The Village Pump, for planned maintenance work for the site over the next 12 months. This will also include the dates of Harvest when he expects vehicle movement to increase within the village.

4. NoIse

There were no further comments. General feeling was that the mill was a lot quieter. K White stated that the mill was keeping to the planned closure periods. These are planned for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday day periods.

Mr Matthew Ferrie asked why these periods couldn't be night periods. Mr Smith replied by stating that these periods were selected for various business reasons.

* Lower electricity cost on night production

* Better management of planned hygiene and maintenance on days

5. Odour, dust and particulate

There were no further Issues.

Mr Smith agreed to show annual emission test results for the mill at the next meeting. He stated that the annual test for the mill had been carried out in November, but was in the process of canylng out further tests as a requirement for the IPPC permit. These results would be available to be produced at the next meeting

6. Transport

Mr Ray Thompson asked if the Company were using different hauliers to normal, as he had seen a different haulage company parked up in the yard at the mill.

Mr Smith explained that a very small percentage of our feed sales is actually collected by the customer, with their own vehicles. However, a large percentage of our raw materials are bought on a delivered contract, in which the merchants or supplier can use the hauliers of their choice.

7. Any other business

Mr Ray Thompson asked Mr Smith if he had received the letter detailing the information about the village fair. Mr Smith replied he had not. If the fair was to be on a Saturday the Company could not provide the Futiong Store for car parking, howether a Sunday would not be a problem, because the mill rarely works. The vehicles could always be parked up at the mill to release more space.

Mrs Pat Holton asked if the Company could give an update on the Dukes Head. Mr Smith replied that he had not received anymore information, but still assumed it was up for sale. Mr Lionel Halls would contact Head Office to try and get an answer.

Mrs Trudy Mann asked if the Company would be prepared to lease out the field adjacent to the site, to the Playing Fields Committee for the use of a foot ball pitch.AIl previous attempts to get a reply back from the Companies Head Office had proved unsuccessful. Mr Lionel Halls would again contact the Head Office and to try and get an answer.

Mrs Trudy Mann asked if the Company was aware that there was going to be Houses built, opposite the Mill, next to the Village Hall. Mr Smith replied that no The Company was not aware. The land belonged to G Allen, and the Wards Garage, as we know it as been leased out long term to the Village Hall Committee.

She also asked Helen if there had been any objections to the development. Helen McCaffery advised that the Environment Agency may be consulted on the planning application. If consulted the Agency would advise of the vicinity to the Stoke Ferry feed mill, and the risk of noise/odour, however she did not believe that the Agency would have grounds to object.

Mrs Trudy Mann expressed her concerns over the positioning of the bus stops. Mr Smith also expressed his and stated that the Company had been in touch with the County Council and was waiting a reply.

Mr Ray Thompson took the opportunity to thank the Company for providing the speed sign at the school on Wretton Rd

The committee also thanked Mr Smith and wished him well in his new role. Mr Ray Thompson asked who would be responsible for handling complaints at the site. Mr Smith replied it would be K White. A revised list of contact names and telephone numbers would be supplied for the village pump. The emergency contact number for out of hrs is 502344. This is the main control room and the complainant is to ask for the shift supervisor.

Helen McCaffery also gave the contact no for the Environment Agency for reporting complaints or incidents: 08008070 60. The number would direct callers to the Environment Agency Control Centre. Details would be recorded and passed to an officer to investigate.

The committee all agreed to send a letter to the Borough council thanking Jacqueline Murfitt (Environmental Protection Officer) for chairing previous meetings

8. Dates of next Meeting for 2006

4.OOpm, Wednesday 4th October 2006

Mike Smith

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