River Wissey Lovell Fuller

"Runnin' On".

August 2006

Janet tells us about her "unexpected Guest"

I expect most people have a pet; pets are very generous with their love and affection. Yes I know, they have "off days", don't we all? We have a hen that seems to think that she belongs to us. The hen just pops into the garden to keep an eye on us; even our cat Toby watches her but makes no effort to do anything as stressful as chasing her.

Mr T says the hen goes home each night, she must have found there are plenty of fresh insects etc for a sprightly bird to snack on, somewhere better than our garden. There is a large field behind our house, I expect it is full of lovely grubs, well, something makes the hen happy.

Another visitor is a young blackbird, only able to practice fluttering so far, we think its parent still feeds it; luckily we have very fresh insects and lots of raspberries for "mum" to offer. We spend quite a lot of time in the garden and now the ground is drying very quickly so I think we'll have to dig a patch and the birds can find their own food.

Our lawn has become very dry, I know that it will enjoy a day or two of rain and the grass will be up to our knees in no time, well, it's easy for me, being a short person means my knees are pretty low any way.

Aug 06

Janet Tilburn

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