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Minutes of Wretton Parish Council May Meeting

August 2006

Wretton Parish Council minutes




Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr I Mack, Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim, Cllr B Glover.

1. Election of Chairman:

Cllr. D Llewellyn was proposed by Cllr. M Peake, 2nd by Cllr. I Mack and with no other nominations re-elected as Chairman.

2. Chairman signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3. Apologies for Absence:

Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake

4. Declaration of Interest:

None stated

5. Election of Vice-Chairman:

Cllr M Peake was proposed by Cllr. B Glover.

Cllr I Mack was proposed by Cllr. N Pilgrim.

Opinion varied as to whether Cllr. M Peake ought to be Vice-Chairman as he is also a Borough Councillor, even though he does not represent the ward Wretton is part of.

The Chairman thanked both Cllr. M Peake and Cllr. I Mack for their work for the Parish to date and decided to remain with the status quo of Cllr. I. Mack as Vice-Chairman.

6. The minutes of the meeting held on 08/03/06 were confirmed.

7. Matters arising from the minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda:

 With regard to Stoke Ferry Land Fill Site the clerk has spoken to the clerk of Stoke Ferry Parish Council and was told the Council there have no concerns about the site at the present time. The plans are available to show the agreed final contours of the site and the site is monitored by NCC to ensure these plans are adhered to.

 The boundary signs for Wretton are now in position on the Stoke Ferry and West Dereham Roads as requested.

8. Neither the Chairman nor clerk had any further reports to give.

9. Accounts for March and April were presented and accepted for payment:

Cheques for approval of payment

Insurance £516.14

Clerk's wages/expenses (March/April) £112.10

MHB - Street light maintenance x3 £48.75

NPFA subs £20.00

NCAPTC membership £113.18

Play area rent of £100 paid by standing order 27/03/06.


Precept £3272

Councillors were given copies of end of year accounts to consider. It will be an agenda item for July to sign off the 05/06 accounts ready for submission to the auditors.

10. Correspondence:

10.1 National Planning Considerations - copy given to councillors.

10.2 Draft Statement of Community Involvement (Submission Stage) forming part of the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Framework - copy to be sent to councillors.

10.3 Annual Borough Council meeting Agenda

10.4 Strategic Forces/Amalgamation and Neighbourhood Policing - What does this mean for Norfolk? - copy to be sent to councillors.

10.5 Norfolk Link/ Volunteers Training/Norfolk Parish Training Partnership/ Funding March/April

10.6 CPRE Local Development Framework workshop - 05/10/06 - consider attendance nearer time.

10.7 NRCC Garden Party 20/05/06

10.8 Southern Area Road Safety Committee minutes

10.9 Civic Service - 21/05/06

10.10 Age Concern Information - display on notice board.

10.11 Norfolk Planning Conference 2006 - 15/06/06 - display on notice board.

10.12 Handbook for Norfolk Parish and Town Councils available - £3.75

10.13 NRCC Signpost

10.14 Your Council

Notice of planning decision:

Permission granted for extension and alterations at Wretton House, Low Road, Wretton.

11. Planning:

A Planning Meeting was held on 10/04/06 to discuss the following:


Ref. No: 06/00636/F

Location: Land South East of Fieldview, Field Lane, Wretton

Details: Construction of dwelling and detached double garage

Recommended refusal

It was felt the Parish Council should be consistent with its decisions and therefore the decision made reflected a previous decision concerning the same location. The proposal is outside the development area and is on agricultural land, so would set a precedent if permitted. The application was to be put to the Development Control Board on 08/05/06.

12. Village Green and Sign:

An e-mail has been received from BCKLWN stating that a report has at last been drafted for the relevant Cabinet Portfolio Holder to consider regarding the sale of The Green to Wretton Parish Council. A decision is now awaited and this may take a while if it is referred to Cabinet. The clerk will continue to follow up what is happening by asking for a timetable of procedures and apply pressure as necessary. It may be useful to contact the ward councillor regarding this issue and to enquire why the borough is not delivering?

The Chairman will now obtain quotes before the next parish council meeting for the plinth for the village sign.

The original idea to hold an event to mark the opening of the Play Area and the placing of the village sign is now not realistic as it may still take a while to get the sign erected. It was thus decided that Cllr. M Peake would contact the Play Group regarding an event to officially open the Play Area and this could be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting.

13. Discussion of Wretton Sewerage Scheme:

Councillors looked at the plans of the sewerage system and related correspondence.

Any smells from the sewarge scheme need to be noted. At present odour seems to be quite localised, coming from the pumping station and drifting towards Low Road. Suggestions were made that a contact number for Anglia Water should be made available in the Pump so all smells would be consistently reported. Parishioners should be asked to survey the smell and the Chairman suggested he contact Alan Jacobs regarding this issue.

Cllr. Pilgrim is concerned about where water is now going and especially if the new system will effect drainage at the back of the church.

It was thought the way forward would be to write to Anglia Water informing then about the concerns regarding smell, asking for clarification of modification to the sewerage system during construction and asking for an assurance that there will be no impact on drainage to the area at the back of Wretton church due to the construction of the rising main and the amount of gravel inserted.

14. Further Reports:

14.1 Two kitchen knives have been found on the Village Green.

14.2 The Parish Council did not renew the contract for Agency grass cutting and there are concerns as to why the grass has not been cut beyond the Wretton boundary on the Wereham Road.

14.3 A parishioner suggested Cromer Lane should be made one way only. As speeding is an issue in the parish it was felt the police should be notified of concerns. There is a burned out car near the area of land known as The Pangle.

14.4 The roof of the bus shelter may need some work.

14.5 The question as to whether Limehouse Drove is maintained by Highways was raised and this will be looked into. According to the conclusive map of the area Limehouse Drove is registered common land. Fears are that Highways consider the drove a road and thus may tarmac it. It was felt this is unlikely, although there is tarmacing up to the old railway.

Parish Clerk

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