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James bradfield School

August 2006

A report on the last day of term activities at The james Bradfield School

As we come to the end of another Summer Term we have to say goodbye to our children in year six as they take another step in their journey along life's path and join their new secondary schools in the autumn. We wish them all well in their continuing quest to achieve their full potential in what ever sphere they launch themselves in this wonderful and diverse world of ours. In the meantime let us pray that all children and staff have a wonderful relaxing summer break before they return to their schools for more fun, friendship and of course hard work.


In June the children participated in Art Week, a time to experience different aspects of the world of creativity - and what talents were unearthed.

Activities included the use of paint (messy but fun) fresh fruit (don't ask but messy and fun) dried food stuffs (ditto) you get the picture.

The school was also lucky to have John Preston come to the school and encourage the children to play with percussion instruments.

Pictures, cut outs and all manner of colourful objects were all over the school resembling a cross between the Tate Gallery and wonderland.

As a finale, a talent show was produced by the children, and I mean by the children with very little assistance from anyone over the age of 11!

This show was given to an audience of parents at the end of Art Week and was a joy to behold.

There was line-dancing, enlivened by the Deputy Head Julian Goodrum trying his best to keep up with the children (he failed), talented youngsters playing piano, guitar and recorder: singers resembling those glamorous young ladies on TV, an acrobat, dancers and poems. Also on display were arts and crafts from children with a different kind of talent.

A most enjoyable occasion for children and adults alike.

Sports Day

The sun shone brightly on sports day this year with many parents enjoying the events.

The morning started with round robins, the teams being made up of different age groups and it was humbling to see the older children, usually the boys, helping the little ones with oversized hockey sticks and obstacles.

In the afternoon running races were attacked with gusto with feet pounding the turf like a heard of buffalo and red faces straining to reach the winning tape first. These were followed by obstacle races involving hoops, bean bags, eggs & spoons - great fun to take part in and great fun to watch.

Drinks were supplied by our ever helpful PTA with extra help coming from parents and governors.

All Saints Church Wretton with Stoke Ferry

Last Day of Term Friday 21st July 2006

An end of Term Service was held for all the school, led by The Rev. Canon David Kightley. Organ played by Chris Young with readings by Year 6 children who were leaving the school to join their new secondary schools in the Autumn.


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