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August 2006

A report on the Boughton Hog Roast and a look forward to planned autumn events.

Hog Roast

The Hog Roast on Saturday 15th July was a great success thanks to the tremendous efforts of Pauline and Ian Lee-Evans. We are really fortunate to have a number of people in the village who are not only good at organising such events but put such whole-hearted effort into doing so. Having the best hog-roaster in the district living in the village isn't exactly a bad thing, either, so we must also thank Andy and Anne Beeston for yet another successful evening.

Over 140 people bought tickets, although it didn't look crowded on The Green. By 7 o'clock people were already arriving and obviously set for a good evening. By the time the hog was ready, a good appetite was apparent! The meat was superb as usual, and everyone was able to enjoy a good and hearty meal.

It was lovely to see so many village residents there, demonstrating the support there is for events, and also to see people from neighbouring villages and family from further away. The children appeared to be enjoying themselves, and even the very well-behaved dog in the middle seemed happy. The breeze was cooler than we had expected, but it didn't seem to deter anyone - even the flying residents were happy.

It isn't known yet how much was raised for the church project, but the success of these events demonstrates the need to develop the church building into a place where we can hold events of interest for everyone. Thanks again to Pauline, Ian, Andy and Anne for such a good evening at the Hog Roast. Book a date for 2007!

Autumn/Winter social events

We are putting together an informal group to arrange a varied and interesting programme of social events to run from October to March. Funds raised will go towards the running costs of the parish church.

If you would like to join us there will be a meeting on Thursday 3rd August at 8pm at Hope House. Everyone is welcome.

Sue George

The Boughton Harvest Festival Appeal is running throughout the months of August and September. We are raising money to buy a small fish farm costing £23 for a family in Malawi. The fish raised can either be eaten or sold for income. We are also hoping to buy a mushroom farm starter kit costing £30 for street children in Burma. This gives the children a chance to learn a skill which they can carry into adult life and also helps them to raise money to fund their education. We would be grateful for any donations - please give them to Moira at The Anchorage, Church Lane Boughton tel: 500955

Pam Wakeling

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