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Wretton 2006 Annual Parish Meeting

July 2006

Chairman's annual report to the Wereham Parish Meeting

The following is a report of the Chairman's account of the year as given on 07/06/06 at Wretton Parish Annual Meeting:

Wretton Parish Council met six times during the past year for full parish council meetings and three meetings to consider planning applications were also held.

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on May 10th Mr D Llewellyn was re-elected as Parish Council Chairman and Dr I Mack as Vice-chairman.

The Chairman reported that three issues in particular have featured at Parish Council meetings during the year:

 The Play Area - which everyone seems to agree has been a successful project

 The Village Sign

 The Sewerage Scheme

Due to the fact that planning permission would have been needed to erect the village sign on The Green the Parish Council decided to try to purchase the Green from the Borough Council. Councillor M Peake has been instrumental in trying to get this project moving but the Borough Council is dragging its feet and the transfer is taking much longer than anticipated. The Parish Council will continue to put pressure on the Borough Council to get this matter resolved.

Ongoing discussions are taking place with Anglian Water regarding issues relating to the new sewerage scheme. Villagers are to be asked to keep a record of odours they believe are emanating from the sewerage scheme and the parish Council hope to publish a questionnaire to gauge the extent of the problem. A second issue relating to the sewerage scheme is the concern that a large amount of gravel was put into the riser behind the church and this could affect drainage in the area.

Two new signs marking the boundary of Wretton have been erected.

The Parish Council have given up the responsibility of cutting the road side verges due it being uneconomic to continue. If the County Council do not do a sufficient job the Parish Council could possibly arrange and pay for an extra cut.

The Parish Council publish the minutes of meetings in The Pump. However, it was decided that only the signed minutes should be printed so as there is two months between meetings this does mean the minutes are somewhat out of date when they appear. To try to overcome this notes of the Parish Council meeting will be submitted to The Pump following each meeting. Therefore each edition should include either a copy of the last signed minutes or a report of the previous months meeting.

The Parish Council is considering establishing its own website so minutes and other information can be published easily.

A new clerk was employed during 2005 - Mrs Jane Scarrott, who can be contacted on 01366 728238 or sjcarrott@tesco.net

1. Financial Report:

The balance of money held by the Parish Council on 31/03/06 was £11584.53.

Bank Balances at 31/03/06:

Current Account 363.48

Premium Account 1634.60

Reserve Account 9896.10


Minus uncleared cheques 309.65


Parish Clerk

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