River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The James Bradfield Church of England School

July 2006

A school governor gives us an overview of recent activities.

A Visit to Holt Hall

Recently, a group of 23 school children from our year 5 and 6 classes went on a residential 3 day trip to Holt Hall which is located in Holt 4 miles from the coast.

Holt Hall is a residential field study centre which offers a programme of environmental studies and outdoor pursuits for young people. The children had a marvellous time, as well as an educationally beneficial one.

Here is a taste of the activities they participated in:

A town study of Holt's history including its shops.

A sea shore study of rock pool life when many small creatures and plants were identified, including a baby flat fish, crabs, seaweed and urchins (sea urchins that is - not the two legged variety!

Pond dipping in Holt Hall's lake when the children were able to compare what they had found in the fresh water with what they had discovered in the salty rock pools.

An evening bat walk was very successful as Mr Beeson, the headmaster, had managed to "borrow" a bat detector and a variety of different bats were found - Bill Oddie had better watch out!

How about a simulated plane crash!!! Yes that's what they did with the resultant necessity of building shelters, collecting water and food etc. They even gutted some herrings and cooked them over a camp fire - we were reliably informed that they were very tasty.

Art Week

Monday 12th - Friday 16th June 2006

Monday_- Craft day doing a bit of everything -nice and messy!

Tuesday - Music Day with John Preston "assisting" Reception class.

Wednesday - Key stage 1 - joint craft/healthy eating day based on

The Very Hungry Caterpillar story.

Key stage 2 activities base on stories they have read.

Thursday - Talent show and line dancing.

Friday - Visit from Lynx Theatre for years 5 and 6 and drama performance.

School Governor

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