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The annual canvass for the Register of Electors

July 2006

The legal requirements associated with the Annual register of lectors explaned for readers' benifit

The annual canvass for the Register of Electors begins at the end of August, when a form and reply paid return envelope will be personally delivered to every property in West Norfolk. Completion and return of the form is both obligatory & important because the register is used not just for electoral purposes but also by many financial service providers dealing with, for example, mortgages, loans or new accounts.

Anyone whose name is not on the register will be UNABLE TO VOTE at the Borough & Parish Council elections due to be held on 3rd May 2007 and likely to have problems using any service which involves a check of the register.

The form is intended for the present occupiers of an address. The name of anyone expected to be resident at the address on 15th October and who is already 18, or will reach that age by 30th November 2007, needs to be on the form and the names of anyone no longer at the address deleted.

Forms received by owners of properties which are either already empty or are expected to be so on 15th October simply need noting "Empty property on 15th October" and returning. This will avoid the issue of reminders.

A reply is also needed if the address on the form is a second home or holiday let. Guidance regarding second homes is that if residence amounts, in total, to at least 3 months of a year, a person may register. This would give a right to vote in local elections (possibly by a postal vote), although at national elections only one vote would be available and a choice of areas to cast it would need to be made. If residence is for less than 3 months, or if a person does not wish to register in West Norfolk as a second home owner, the "No one eligible" box can be ticked and the form returned.

In the event of any queries when the form arrives, householders can telephone 01553 616773 and any of the electoral staff will be glad to help.

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