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Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

July 2006

The Stoke ferry Methodist Newsletter

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2nd July 11.00 Reg and Mary Rose

9th July 11.00 Alan Dye

16th July 11.00 Sally Coleman

23rd July 11.00 Brian Bannister

30th July 11.00 Mary Hurst

Did you know that last year the most amazing thing happened. It was not that we put the first human on Mars, or solved the problem of global warming, nor was it the end of world poverty. The thing of which I am writing is that MacDonald's closed their first fast food outlet. Suddenly the company which for so long represented a great children's party, or a quick tasty snack was finding that people no longer wanted the food they offered. As a result, we now see the adverts for the said company re-launching itself, with salads, organic milk and healthy snacks. The marketing is working and people are returning again to the red and yellow burger bar.

Some of you may have noticed that the church in the Great Britain is also finding that people no longer want what it offers. It is estimated that one church will close a week over the next five years, the future is not bright. But even though this seems a bleak prospect, it is also a challenge to find out what the world wants from the church. In a sense new page in Church history where the church can offer itself afresh to the communities it serves.

As Christian's in this village we believe that we have a wonderful message of God's love for the world, we all believe there are things that we can do for those we share this world with and we want to offer the things that you need. So if you fancy having a think about what we can do for you or you think we could be doing something differently let us know. We want to hear! The canvas is blank and our church is yours as well as ours, it is exciting to see what we could do together.

Every blessing,

Matt Finch

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