West Dereham Sign Gary Trouton

"Runnin' On".

July 2006

Janet reminisces on her recent holiday to Corfu.

Today has started without any sunshine but it looks as if we could be in for a sticky damp day. We went to Corfu for our holidays and enjoyed seeing the Kaisers Palace, an enormous place but very dark, I wouldn't fancy a night there.

I did meet a lovely dog, the dog and I sat down for a short break. I am usually very careful of stray dogs but the ones we met were all friendly and they seemed to think they would like a holiday in West Dereham. I think they can spot a softy when they see one. However I don't think Toby would be too pleased with a dog in his bed.

Now we are back home and doing a bit of gardening I was surprised to find a Christmas rose flower, hidden in a darkish corner it is doing well. I can't decide if it is a long lasting flower or, a very early Christmas rose.

Yesterday was so hot, we sat under the branches of our lovely willow tree all shaded and cool, and I have had a few tickles from the cool leaves, all very soothing.

I have been watching the birds, sparrows and blue tits are obviously good at keeping a hold on the branches, even when the breeze tosses them up and down.

Winter wheat in the field is ruffled by the wind and our road is being ruffled by every vehicle that is driven through the melting road surface. Small cars can be driven on the outer edges of the sticky mess thank goodness.

Our strawberry plants are doing their level best to produce some strawberries for us, we have to be quick though, best eaten straight away I reckon. The birds will back us up on that one, they regard the strawberry patch as theirs.

Janet Tilburn.

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