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Another letter t the Editor

July 2006

Graham expresses his concern at the inability of the Police to gain public support.

Dear Ray,

At a time when the police need to be building bridges with the public to gain their support, I find it extraordinary how many times they shoot themselves in the foot.

Recently, I was gobsmacked to read about a motorist waiting at some red traffic lights, who moved forward to clear the way through for an ambulance on its way to an accident. A police patrol man driving across the lights immediately pulled in and booked the considerate motorist for crossing a red light, even though he had done it safely and had helped with an emergency. The man was subsequently fined £120 and had three penalty points added to his licence.

It strikes me that one thing that is missing when policemen are trained is a course in common sense - let's hope that they get to grips with it and rectify the problem.

Graham Forster

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