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Stoke Ferry Residents' Committee Minutes

June 2006

The SFRA publish the minutes of their last Committee Meeting


Meeting held on 3 May2006

Present: Debroy Summers (Chairman), Daphne Clements, Joyce Hull, Alan Whitford and Helaine Wyett (Secretary)

I. Apologies: Carol Hunter, John Preston, Ellen Spain, Val Summers

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 3 April 2006 were read and agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Village Pump events list: JH reported that WA had contacted her requesting information for this list. She had told him that he was no longer responsible for doing this on behalf of the SFRA, as he was no longer a member of the Association. He had not, to date, passed on the list to any Committee member but DC reported she had compiled this month's events and passed to the Editor of the VP.

b) DC circulated a letter of thanks for £100 received from the Playing Fields Committee.

4. Festival.

i) DS reported that JP had received £1000 funding to date.

ii) The sub-committee had been cancelled as members were reporting on actions at the current meeting.

iii) The Playing Fields Committee had agreed the use of the field (possibility not the football pitch due to infestation) and had provided a copy of the Public Liability Insurance needed for the Army. An additional premium might be necessary and it was agreed this should be taken from the proceeds of the day.

iv) ES had carried out a risk assessment for St John's Ambulance and had contacted a local mobile snack bar owner who would provide refreshments on the Square.

v) DS had contacted Radio Norfolk re. advertising who requested details in writing. The Secretary agreed to do this.

vi) DC was waiting to hear from the Borough Council re. ownership of the Square. She reported that hire of games was expensive and thought these could be provided by members. Games suggested were: roll-a-penny (from J Thwaites), coconut shy, pyramid of cans, line of pegs. Other games were requested.

vii) Parking. By the village hall, currently blocked off by developers - thought this would be dealt with by the PC next week. Grampian have agreed use of their yard for the Sunday.

viii) Electricity? DS to speak to Grampian/KHH.

ix) Road closure: DS had NCC form to complete as soon as Public Liability insurance sorted out. Area to be closed: in front of village sign, down High street to include frontage of churchyard, plus down to green at Buckenham Drive.

x) Millers' Arms to provide hog roast, also use of field agreed.

xi) School Playing field: DS and JET to speak to head teacher. JET to make an

appointment before next governors' meeting on 2215.

xii) Beer festival? It was agreed that this might conflict with input from Millers' Arms and would not be pursued.

xiii) JH was in contact regarding Line dancing although numbers were a problem (too few!).

xiv) DS queried contacting VP advertisers to see if some might like a stall, No decision made.

xv) Saturday - a car boot sale had been agreed for Saturday to he held on Square. possibly extend to Millers' Arms field. It was agreed that I car I space (table) £5. DC to be contacted to book a space and advertising placed in VP.

xvi) ? Farmers' market DS to speak to Monika Goetz.

xvii) Vegetable/flower competition. JH to make enquiries. It was agreed that

Trevor Manley (ex-BC mayor) would be asked to judge. A prize (voucher?) to be requested from either Downham or Bexwell Garden Centre.

xviii)CH had noted the need for standardisation of name of event. It was agreed this be dealt with at next meeting when, hopefully, more members would he present.

xix) DS to try to contact Julian Clary, the RA's patron, to see if he could attend.

5. CU had also noted that article in recent VP, giving details of committee members, had omitted Ellen Spain. The secretary to contact the VP editor asking that this be amended and some form of apology made.

6. Pink Flawed evening: 20/5/06

DS reported that from 10/4 parish councils were permitted to fine (on the spot) people found illegally fly posting. He would contact the PC to request permission to put up posters advertising this event, Flyers to be posted through doors, with membership letter which DS/ES planned to deliver 4/5. It was agreed that he urgently write to Lynn News for advertising (secretary to draft letter). Raffle prizes: 3 in hand and Mrs. Thompson had offered others. 16 tables (6 per table) to be put out, Helpers requested to he at hall 5pm. DC had all other refreshment requirements in hand.

7. Any Other Business

The Secretary read the letter from BH regarding the website. It was suggested that the person who ran the Stokeferry.com site be asked to take this on but agreed that any decision on this be left until next meeting.

It was agreed that the draft minutes (before approval) of the SFRA he passed to the VP for publishing. The Chairman would check the Minutes first and then pass to the VP Editor,

Re: Signatories' for cheques, JH reported that she had been contacted by the hank regarding the need for BH to present himself, with identification, in order that he be removed as a signatory. It had since been clarified that this was not necessary.

8. Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 7 June, 7.30, Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9~05pm.

Helaine Wyett

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