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June 2006

Our monthly report from Boughton which includes a report on their excellent flower festival.

Marham Fetch and Sketch Group recommenced on the 21st March. A lively and interesting meeting held at Marham House Orangery, by kind permission of Ian and Unni, discussed winter homework. The self-portraits proved particularly enlightening and amusing. The next meeting, also in the Orangery, was again well attended, and to date £130 has been raised for the Marham Church Restoration Fund.

Membership is on the increase, and the next meeting will be held on June 20th at Abbey House, Marham by kind permission of Mrs June Matthews.

Joan Bullock 01760337668

Flower Festival

On behalf of the church I would like to thank all those who helped in any way with the Flower Festival, but especially Pauline Lee-Evans without whom it wouldn't happen. The work which went into the Festival was much appreciated, and even those of us with few skills enjoyed taking part. The church always looks good 'dressed up' and all the visitors were very appreciative. Our programme, designed and printed by Judy Mazur, always stands out as well among the more common typed lists. I understand that just under £400 was raised for the church and church project which is money we wouldn't otherwise have. It seems that some prospective visitors were deterred by the 'road closed' notices, which was a pity as Boughton was open.

FOR THE OPEN GARDENS ON JUNE 11TH, PLEASE TRY TO TELL AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE THAT WE ARE OPEN. The contractors made every effort to keep the village clear for the Flower Festival, and will do the same for Open Gardens but the more we can spread the word the better! This is the major fundraiser for the church, and we need the help of as many people as possible. If you have a poster, please try to display it. I am hoping that many people will use the car stickers which are to be distributed.


MAY 2006


Once again we owe a great vote of thanks to Mrs Pauline Lee-Evans and her merry band of helpers. The "Stories Through Music" was really inspirational and the addition of paintings enhanced the flowers to give an added dimension to the festival.

Debbie Leete decorated the font and Mary Poppins proved a great attraction especially to the young visitors.

The first two windows were dressed by Pauline Bradley and Maryse Golds and had an early twentieth century theme being "Keep the Home Fires Burning" and "Come into the Garden Maud"

The next window was innovative, as Ian Lee-Evans and Bryan Bradley dressed it, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" was the story they chose.

The pulpit was so lovely with swans depicting Swan Lake. Debbie Leete and Susan Blackwall executed this

The last two windows on the north side of the chancel were dressed by Pam Wakeling, the first being "I did it my way" and the modern hymn "Colours of the Day" both of which were very beautiful

The Altar and the Reredos decorated by Pauline took the theme "All Things Bright and Beautiful" and was truly bright and beautiful.

As usual all who visited admired the family service group who made a contribution with "Joseph and his Amazing Tecnicolour Dream Coat." Well-done kids and helpers

Judith Mazur produced a lovely arrangement depicting "Starry Starry Night" which told the story of Vincent Van Gough. And was truly elegant

The final window was the work of Megan Leete an old friend of the Boughton Flower festival although she is one of the youngest contributors still attending primary school.

This year she chose The Lion King and was aided by her brothers Thomas and Daryl Who helped with the artwork. It is a beautiful window, Megan, thanks.

Diana decorated the pew ends, which enhanced the overall theme.

Once again the whole festival was enhanced by the paintings and photographs and our thanks go to Judith for organising that part of the show.

Thank you to all those who made the tea and coffee and baked the cakes for the visitors and to those who sold raffle ticket and provided the raffle prizes. The list is endless. Without all the help the festival would not be the success it is. If you did not visit this year do not miss it next year.


Pam Wakeling

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