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May 2006

Janet gets all excited about finding some coins in her back garden; unfortunately, they are out of mr T's pocket

Before I forget my manners I would like to thank the kind person who wrote last months Running on, I will have to start going round the village on my bike hoping to find something of "local" interest to write about this month.

Sometimes when I start tidying the garden I find money, now then, don't get too excited, I have already done that. I reckon my little hoard of coins have fallen out of our pockets as we do the weeding. When Mr T finds a muddy coin he puts it on the kitchen windowsill and I promise to clean the coin, I'm sure I'll find a doubloon or two if I persevere! There might even be a ducat, now the moment of truth as I try to read the letters on the coins. The first one is a three-penny piece; there are three flowers on one of them. Next coins are two new pence, the ones with a portcullis on one side and the Queen on the reverse. Our last find is a ten pence piece, a proud lion on one side and the Queen on the other side, but unfortunately it's one of the old larger ones so not of much use in the spending department.

There is one more coin to sort out, too hard to recognise as it is at the moment. I will try to clean it, you never know, it might be a rare groat or something, but I suspect a farthing.

Meanwhile, I have just noticed our lame pheasant doing his level best to find himself some breakfast, a beautiful bird, still shy and wary but when he's hungry he knows where to come. I think our garden must appeal to the lame and wounded because we have a blackbird with a beak that stays open. Somehow the bird does manage to eat some of the food we put out, and luckily the other birds don't hurt him.

May 06

Janet Tilburn

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