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May 2006

The monthly Newsletter from Boughton

Boughton Church Project.

This project is still being continued. 2005 had some hiccups and things became slow, not because of the committees fault. We were told to move the extension from the South side to the North side of the Church, for heritage reasons. This means that the new extension will be for the new kitchen and toilets. The current vestry will have a ceiling and also have use as an office. The disabled access will be through the new extension.

Discussions were held about new designs and it became obvious that careful consideration needed to be given to size so that gravestones are not disturbed. Sketches needed to be drawn so that the diocesan committee in Ely could put their backing to the ideas. Discussions have been held with Ely and many other interested bodies such as the Victorian Society and results have been positive. We then needed to get new quotes for the costs which need to be detailed. There was also a delay in putting a new bid to the lottery because, for a while, they were restricting applications.

In the meantime the committee have continued to hold events. This firstly demonstrates the need for the new hall and secondly has continued to raise funds to pay the bills that are incurred. The committee has gathered more evidence to show how the hall may be used by a variety of groups and ages.

Now in 2006 we look forward to putting in the new bid and hopefully getting the funds. We will also need to apply for other grants to top up the amount. Please continue to support us with events and ask questions of the committee. Members are Alan Wilkinson, Mark Pogmore, Paul Coulten, Pamela Jennings, Pam Wakeling, Pauline Lee Evans, Sue George, Moira Saunders.

Calling All Knitters!

The Special Care Baby Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn would welcome any knitted vests, hats or cardigans for their newborn babies. Don't worry about size - any they can't use are sold to new mothers to raise funds for the Unit.

Anybody who has items to send to the Unit can contact Dr Emad George on 502193 who can take them into the Hospital.

Group 4 Lunches

We are hoping to start an informal group to meet for lunch once a month.

If you are interested there is a meeting on Friday 19th May at 11am to discuss the venue and the menu.

Pamela Jennings of Church View, Boughton has kindly offered to host the meeting. For more information ring Susan George on 502193.

Open Gardens June 11th 2006

I shall shortly begin to compile the list of those gardens which will be open on June 11th. As Sue George is organising ploughman's lunches this year, from 12 noon onwards, some people have already agreed to open their gardens at that time. It does not matter if others feel that they would like to stick to the usual time of 1.30pm, as this can be indicated on the programme. I hope all those who have opened in the past will agree to do so again, as I think they would agree that it is an enjoyable afternoon. From going round the village, I know there are other gardens which would also be of interest to visitors, and I will be asking their owners to open. Please consider opening for the first time, or if this is impossible, whether you can help in any way. Spread the word among your garden-loving friends at work, or in the family! This is the church's main fund-raising function in the year, and we rely heavily on your support for help with maintenance and running costs in the only public building we have left.

Parish Clerk

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