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April 2006

Minutes of the March Village Liaison meeting

Agriculture Division Stoke Feny Feed Mill

Traditional Goodness


Wednesday 15th March 2006

Present: Ms Jacqueline Murfitt (Environmental Protection Officer,

King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council)

Mr. Matthew Ferrie (Parish Council representative)

Mrs. Pat Holton (Village representative)

Mr. Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr. Mike Smith (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr. Ray Thompson (Editor, Village Pump)

Mrs. Trudy Mann (Parish Council)

Ms Helen McCaffery (Environment Agency)

Ms Rachel Jones (Environment Agency) Apologies

1. Apologies

Apologies received by Mr. Murphy, and Mr. J Haddow

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (14th Dec 2005) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

The minutes of the meeting are to be distributed by Mr. Smith to all committee members upon completion.

Page numbers are now being put on the minutes

Discussion took place, reference the chairing of the meeting. The committee members all agreed that they would like the Borough Council EPO to continue chairing the meeting. A letter is to be drafted and sent to the Borough Council for approval.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting

No complaints had been received by either the Company or the Borough Council since the last meeting

4. Noise

No complaints received from the village.

Mrs. Pat Holton commented that the mill seemed to be quieter since the last meeting. Mr. Smith explained that, as stated in the last meeting, volume was forecasted to be down by 20% allowing 3 shifts to be stopped & utilised for hygiene and maintenance. The Company intention is to target Tue, Thurs and Sat day shifts as the closure shifts but could vary, dependent upon customer requirement.

5. Odour, dust and particulates

No complaints received from the village

Mrs. Trudy Mann asked if the Company had just introduced fishmeal, Mr. Smith stated that the Company has been using fishmeal for numerous years but the amount being used was reducing because of the reduced volume.

Mrs. Pat Holton commented on the cleanliness of the steam coming out of the boiler stack. Has the company changed anything? Mr. K White stated that a new boiler was put into operation 13 months ago, but nothing else has changed in the process. It could be simply the reduction in production shifts

Ms Jacqueline Murfitt stated that Mr. Smith had given copies of the Company emissions results, carried out since the last meeting, to her and that all results showed to be inside the emission limits of current authorisation.

Ms Helen McCaffery asked for a copy of the results to be sent to her for the IPPC application.

6. Transport

Mr. Ray Thompson stated that the volume of contracted haulier vehicles coming into the company seemed to be increasing. Mr. Smith commented that the overall volume of contracted hauliers is down by 20% due to manufacturing volume being reduced and load sizes not being affected. Mr. K White commented that it may seem busier on certain days because of the way the company is scheduling the contractors due to the change in production shifts. The intention of the schedulers is to reduce traffic flow for weekend periods.

7. A.O.B

Ms Helen McCaffery reported that the IPPC application for the Company had not been issued yet, but was hopeful that it wouldn't be too long away.

Mr. Smith stated that quotations for replacing the clean air unit 2, reference the last meeting had been received, but needed to be checked with Helen McCaffery, for the IPPC application before submitting them for capital approval

Mrs. Trudy Mann asked if there had been any comments from the doctors on the permit. Ms McCaffery explained that although the PCT is a statutory consultee on the IPPC application she had not seen any response as she is not part of the determination team. Ms Murfitt commented that the Council keeps a Public Register of all IPPC applications and Permits and she could not remember any comments from the PCT.

It was agreed that both Ms Murfitt and Miss McCaffery would check to see if the PCT had made any comments on the IPPC application. Ms McCaffery stressed to the meeting that the Feed Mill Activity as a whole was regarded as being very low risk and as such any emissions should not pose a risk to health.

Ms Murfitt also commented that she had yet to hear back from Dr Rees with reference to the data sheets submitted by Favor Parker in November and had contacted the PCT again to try and get a response. Mr. Ferrie said that the Parish Council would also write and ask for Dr Rees opinion on the data sheets and any possible emissions from the activity.

Mr. Ferrie asked if there was not any way the Regulators could demand a response from the Statutory Consultees. Both Ms Murfitt and Ms McCaffery explained that there was no legal process for this to happen and neither could the Regulators change the consultees this was set by Central Government. There was a duty to consult and consider any representations made by the Consultees within an IPPC application but not to force comment.

Mr. Matthew Ferrie asked if a site tour would be possible. Mr. Smith stated he will arrange one for Mr. Ferrie and any other committee member who hasn't been around the mill

Date of next meeting to be arranged and confirmed to all Committee members.

Grampian Foods

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