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'The Gooderstone Formula'

April 2006

Gordon expalins the formula behind the Gooderstpne Cricket Club success

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Les Lawrence for his kind words in his article "A Recurring Theme" (The Village Pump November 2005), about the efforts at Gooderstone Cricket Club this year to introduce coaching sessions and restart the Colts side.

As individuals our motivation to get involved in clubs and activities vary, and rarely, if we are honest with ourselves, are they completely altruistic. In the local cricket leagues I have come across people with many diverse reasons for involvement, from the looking to preserve the quintessential nature of the English country village; fathers who want to spend more time with their children; men in middle youth seeking confirmation that they "still have it" and are not quite as past it as their aching joints would tell them on a Monday morning; and many, many other reasons as well.

The issue is not the why, but the very fact that people actually get involved, and take action to give their time and experience to help others. When the cricket club had its Presentation Evening during October, at which not only those who performed well on the pitch received awards, but very pleasingly the Clubman of the Year was Ally Drohan, who despite only being a relative youngster himself, was recognised for his determination in getting the coaching sessions up and running, and his commitment in being there every Saturday morning throughout the Summer. He also drummed up support amongst his peers and elders to ensure there was sufficient supervision, and his actions have enabled links between the Club and the local primary school in Gooderstone to be initiated to hopefully provide the players of the future. In the frequent debates in this magazine and other publications about our young people, it is a rare occurrence to find the volunteers that enable their activities are youngsters themselves and as such, provide an example to us all.

Also recognised at the Presentation Evening, was the slightly older Richard Chalkley who not only has provided the club with two very promising teenage sons, both of whom represented the 2nd XI this year on a regular basis, but he also provided transport, rushed his boys down to the ground at the last minute, (if another player had pulled out at the eleventh hour); played to make up the numbers when asked, and failing that helped with the scoring and any other jobs required. In doing so he never complained, and showed a true example of community spirit that is so often seen as lacking in today's society.

In these two very different individuals we see that it is their actions that speak the loudest and make the difference. Ultimately, it is the voluntary actions of club members such as Ally and Richard that will ensure that Gooderstone Cricket Club will be in existence for yet another century, more so than all the talented cricketers we have on the pitch. For that reason we salute them and all the others who have given freely of their time, knowledge and experience, and say a heartfelt thank you to them all, and in doing so it reinforces the message that to be involved, you need to get involved.

The new season is now a matter of weeks away, with our first pre-season match on 22nd April away at Bradenham, running up to this date we have indoor nets at Swaffham on April 7th & 21st, and weather permitting we will also be holding outdoor nets during week as well.

Elsewhere in the Pump you will find an open letter about the NatWest Cricket Force weekend on 8th & 9th April. This has been sent to the local press and businesses and is included in this publication to appeal to the local community to also get involved as well.

Please contact us and come and get involved even if it's coming along to the next quiz night at The Swan, Gooderstone on 26th May, for any other information please contact

Gordon Mitcheson-Smith

Secretary - Gooderstone Cricket Club

t: (01366) 500922 e: gooderstonecc@yahooo.co.uk

m: (07780) 649269 i: www.gooderstone.play-cricket.com

Gordon Mitcheson-Smith

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