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April 2006

Janet has a loss of inspiration, so one of her accolites provides this month homily

Janet has had to take her thinking head back to the factory to get some new inspiration fitted, so this article comes courtesy of one of her acolytes.

I think my lack of inspiration this month comes from the weather! Or should that be whether? I haven't enjoyed the first and I don't know if my lack of decision is down to the latter but I think it must be. I mean you get up in the morning and you don't know whether it's going to rain, you don't know whether it is worth going out and you don't know whether the damned sparrows will use the nesting box so lovingly crafted by Mr T or not. I tell you, at some times my poor old head is spinning.

At least I can sit in my front window and watch the lovely big trucks trundle by. Recently it has become more exciting than ever because they have installed a passing place right opposite our house. Toby thought it was a spot for him to curl up in the sun, but I have had to dissuade him of that habit. On a clear day I can see the rabbits running around on the edge of the field and watch numerous birds seeking their meals on the wing. Perhaps that's what I should do; get on a plane and have somebody feed me!

I do sometimes wonder if I suffer from a mild form of this mythical SAD, the seasonal disorder. My problem is I don't know which season I like the least. I know I like the summer, with the warm sun on my back and I love the spring with all the new flowers, the buds on the trees and the baby birds. Then again, I often like the autumn with all the pretty colours, the delicious blackberries and the smell of wood smoke from Mr T's bonfire. So I suppose it must just be the winter season that makes me sad. It shouldn't really, because in about a month I shall be flying off with Mr T sampling meals on the wing; just like the swallows.

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