River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

March 2006

Matt looks intently at his journey through life and wonders just how good a fist he is making of it

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March 5th 11.00 Mr Reg Rose

March 12th 11.00 A Circuit service at Downham Market

March 19th 11.00 Mr Bob Cross

March 26th 11.00 Mrs Mary Holman

Sat opposite me as I type is a lady with a lovely cup of coffee that I am really want to sip, it smells so good. There is a man stinking of smoke dying for another fag stood beyond. Behind me is a couple of travellers with big rucksacks headed who knows where. Next to me is an Estonian trying to guess when he needs to get off. As you may have guessed as write this article I am sat on a train.

Travelling on a train is a treat for me, it is always an adventure. You get to see so many different places, the sprawling Fens, the major motorways running adjacent to your tracks, winding into big cities, stopping in quiet country towns. There is a real sense of journey with trains that you just don't get when you are sat in a car.

As I type I am struck by the sense of journey we all have in our lives. All these different people sat around me have different destinations- for some the journey must be quiet hard, maybe the end takes them to a difficult situation. For some the next station presents a new start or a fresh horizon to travel. For others it is the same old routine that takes them to a familiar place. All of us are travellers with different experiences and reasons for travel.

It poses the question for me of what kind of life journey I am on? Have I settled for the familiar? Do I really know where I am going? Tomorrow or ultimately? Am I taking in enough of the scenery on the way? I guess they are useful questions, so with answers some with none.

As Christian's we believe that God travels with us in all our journeying, the exciting and the difficult. I pray that wherever your journey is taking you, if its hard or easy you would know God close to you what ever path you take.

God Bless,

Matt Finch

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