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March 2006

Janet is delighted that her sparrows have taken up residence in her nesting box.

Hawthorn hazard.

Our garden is blessed with a selection of trees, shrubs, borders and sheds. The one tree we really respect is the hawthorn; Mr T has a battle with the bush every year. I stand by with a tin of plasters! Pruning can be a hazard to skin and clothing.

A couple of years ago Mr T made a three storey nesting box. We had read somewhere that Sparrows like communal living and as they roosted in the Hawthorn, thought it would be a good idea to fit the nesting box in there with much risk to hands and arms.

We have hopefully watched the sparrows as they eye up the wooden high-rise apartments. Well protected by the hawthorn we thought the sparrows would be able to nest in there. There had been no interest at all. A quick check on each one convinced us that the local birds didn't like the dwelling Mr T so kindly made for them.

This week Mr T had the garage door open; a lovely sunny day is a treat at this time of the year. It is a pity that the wind is so cold, still, I wrap up well and stagger round the garden with the weed bucket. I have been meaning to treat myself to a new bucket one day, but the old one has been with us for years, I expect it will last a bit longer for me.

Stopping for a rest, watching Mr T pamper our car I saw a sparrow pop into one of the apartments, I signalled to Mr T, hoping my excitement wouldn't upset the sparrow. Mr T stood watching the wooden apartment and actually saw the sparrow emerge from it. "There you are, I told you they will use the little homes!" At present they seem to be only interested in the penthouse, but as spring progresses we hope they will use the two lower apartments.

March 06

Janet Tilburn

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