War Memorial Gary Trouton

Another letter to The Editor

March 2006

A Stoke Ferry villager wonders what harm the pigeons do.

Dear Editor,

Just read in the Stoke Ferry Village Pump that the Parish Council is about to contact the RSPB Thetford Office re pigeons causing problems. Not too sure what the "problems" they are accused of are. I am not that good at identifying birds but I would say the majority of these "pigeons" are either white doves(of peace?) or ring doves who do a grand job of removing the grain etc left lying about the village, thus robbing the rats of a source of food. There is also at least one active sparrow hawk who again has an easy and plentiful source of food ie. doves. If asked if I would prefer rats to "pigeons", think I would have to say I prefer the winged variety to being infested by rats which would be a distinct possibility considering the food source. regards


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