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A reader's view of the Auction of Promises

March 2006

John ponders his luck at not winning the boat trip...

Dear Ray,

I went to the Auction of promises arranged by the Stoke Ferry Residents' Association and, because of an arm or hand movement (signalling to the missus) found myself pledged to pay for some odd things. But one I apparently did NOT get was the river trip from Stoke Ferry to the Great Ouse.

It maybe just as well that I didn't get it! It seems a long was to swim back to Stoke Ferry. And what is worse, the trip would have to go through Hilgay! Depending on the date chosen the winner could find himself entered in the Hilgay Raft Race, being pelted by flour bombs, chased and captured by pirates and being made to walk the plank. And if he did escape he could find that he was straight into the Dragon Boat race. Mind you, you could miss all this excitement and become tangled in the hooks and lines dangling from poles along the bank.

But I hope the winner does enjoy himself and have a really nice day.

PS After two bottles of wine was I mistaken? Is the trip to me made by Pedalo?

John Baxter

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