River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

February 2006

Reverend Matt's monthly Methodist newsletter

Feb 5th 11.00 Tim and Sally Coleman

Feb 12th 11.00 Church fellowship service

Feb 19th 11.00 Revd Matt Finch

Feb 26th 11.00 Revd David Nash

One of my favourite television programs is "You are what you eat", the reality show that seeks to help seriously overweight people with their dangerous diets. It is presented by the crusader Gillian McKeith, who as a dietician helps shape a healthier diet which will achieve weight loss and a better lifestyle. She has the one question each week, "How can you do this to yourself?" Interestingly, the answer is normally, something along the tines of not having enough respect for their bodies or themselves. However, as she encourages them to value themselves, it is amazing to see how these people respond and really change beyond all recognition.

As I reflect on the world around me, many of its problems could have their root in a lack of respect, for ourselves and for others. Be it our own culture of overeating, the many wars that plague us, the graffiti on the playground, trade injustice or the huge environmental problems. If we respected everything a bit more we might be able solve some of the biggest problems that face us.

For me much of the Christian message is about respect, of ourselves, each other and the world. Looking at Jesus' life he embraced the poor and disrespected giving them a place in the world, he challenged the system which did not value life and he found solace in the world he had created on the mountain side or sat under a tree. Maybe with a bit more respect our world could be transformed!

Reverend Matt Finch

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