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Letter to the Editor

February 2006

Les offers an economic assessment of the impact of the possible closure of the Stoke Ferry mill

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your comments in the January edition of the Village Pump where you informed us that Grampian, or Favor Parker as I will always know them, will be cutting production this year by up to some 30%.

This to me is bad news as a vibrant prosperous company does our local economy no harm what so ever. I just wish, as I have said before, that we could wake up tomorrow and find FP had relocated to next to the Beet Factory; that being so I would wish them nothing but success.

I fear however that FP days in this area are numbered. It may take a year so, but the writing is on the wall, and the reasons for departure will be strictly economic and no other.

That said what of the future? Where will that leave Stoke Ferry? What happens to the vacant FP site? My forecast is more houses to add to those already in the 2006 pipeline, and I for one will regard that as good news, resulting in a significant increase in the population.

Expansion to me means stability; to the business that are already there. I frequently refer to Mundford and Feltwell which have to face competition from supermarkets like elsewhere but have a larger base to call upon. Try a visit to both places to see what I mean, and note not just the quality of their shops but note their sporting facilities as well.

Stoke Ferry has a number of businesses which it can be proud of. Expansion will secure the future of them and, when others see their success, rest assured they will want to join them. Lets not forget that success breed success, and don't forget I'm not just talking of shops etc., but sporting facilities as well. Why shouldn't Stoke Ferry have it's own football, cricket, tennis, bowls clubs, etc.

If Stoke Ferry moves forward who knows, my own village of Methwold might do the same. But that is another story.

Les Lawrence

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