Wretton Sign Gary Trouton

Another letter to the Editor

February 2006

A villager expresses concern at the behavious of some younger members of the community

Dear Ray

On Saturday 14 January I saw three boys, possibly in their early teens but maybe younger, hanging about on the green in Wretton. Their first antic was to try and kick a traffic cone into the middle of the sunken area that was to have been the pond. Having succeeded in this aim their next source of entertainment was to try and flatten what I believe is a Yucca plant growing on the green, by taking a running jump onto it. It began to look as though they might succeed in this task also so I decided there was a need to intervene, before I could get out to them, however, they were picked up by a car which I think was a dark red older model Vauxhall Astra.

That Yucca plant is very attractive when it has its blooms, it is relatively slow growing and has taken a number of years to get to its present size. Subsequent inspection shows that these boys have caused significant damage to it. It would be a great shame if it were to be wilfully destroyed. I do not know who the boys were or where they came from, hopefully their parents will read this, however, and will know who they were and will discourage them from further destructive behaviour of this type.

Name and address supplied.


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