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West Dereham PC Minutes

January 2006

The minutes of the December meeting of the West dereham parish Council


AT 8.00pm

1. Present:

Miss Rischardson - Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Cann, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Fisher B.Glover together with 14 members of the public.

2. Apologies: M. Grief and Mrs. D. Moir - Borough Councillor.

Miss Richardson welcomed all present to the meeting and then asked for a minutes silence in memory of E. Drew deceased.

3. Election of Chairman:

Due to the death of our Chairman it was necessary to elect a new one - the Clerk asked for nominations and Miss Richardson was proposed by B. Glover seconded by Mrs Fisher and duly elected.

4. Minutes:

It was agreed that the 13th October 2005 minutes be signed as a correct record.

5. Matters Arising:

The Cemetery extension is now ready for consecration once the old centre fence is removed - Clerk to arrange.

6. Planning:

Abbey Stud Farm - withdrawal of application for construction of dwelling. Client of I. Cable - Sub division of dwelling to form two at Four Jays, Hilgay Road -recommend approval.

7. Payments:

£25.00 Papworth Critical Care Unit - proposed Mrs. Cann and seconded Mrs. Fisher. £58.75 - Audit Commission : £109.86 West Dereham Plant Ltd: £200.00 C.G.M. Ltd - proposed Mrs. Berry and seconded Mrs. Fisher.

8. Correspondence:

Audit Report - all is correct and in order. N.C.C. Gritting Routes: W.N.B.C. Mayor's Award for Design in the Environment: Signpost: Police -Western Mobile Police Station - all noted. Mr. & Mrs. Marsters wrote asking the Council if they would consider donating and/or arranging a seat in memory of E Drew - in principle it was agreed but Mrs Cann confirmed that there was a strong possibility that one or more seats were already being thought about for the same reason. It was agreed that it would be better to wait a while and try and find out who was doing what so that nothing was duplicated but definitely the Council would be doing some form of memorial. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson sent a letter of complaint about lorries using Basil Road on Sundays while work is being carried out on Station Road. A lengthy discussion took place regarding Glazewing Ltd. Working on 4th December 2005 when a large number of heavy lorries used Basil Road as Station Road was closed due to highway works. A Glazewing representative confirmed that he personally had spoke to a Norfolk County Council Officer responsible for the works regarding an important contract which had to be fulfilled on that day. It had been confirmed to him that it was in order for the lorries to leave their base along Station Road before highways work began for the day and arrangements would be made for the lorries to return later that day. A member of the public requested that the Parish Council ascertain in writing the permitted working hours of Glazewing's business and the amount of money that has been spent on Station Road in the recent years. A letter from N.C.C. to Mrs. Courtman reference Station Road accepted the situation was not all one might desire but that it was the best the County Council could do at this time. Mr. French wrote and stated that he would be prepared to take over the vacant allotments - at no cost - purely to get and keep them 'clean' and would relinquish them as and when a tenant was found - it was agreed he should be thanked for his help in this matter.

9. Precept:

It was proposed by Mrs. Cann, seconded by Mrs. Berry and unanimously agreed that the precept for 2005/2006 should be £1700. 00.

10. Action:

Mrs. Fisher reported that after a meeting at Dersingham there was a Private Members Bill hopefully going through Parliament to fight for more power for Parish Councils. Charity donations - the Clerk reported what donations had been made during the last 3 years and Mrs. Fisher proposed that the matter of which Charities would be supported would be discussed during the January meeting - all agreed. The chairperson confirmed that she and the Clerk had attended a meeting in King's Lynn about future planning procedures - it was felt that nothing new had been learned.

11. Any Other Business:

Can Bank-- this needs emptying. The seats at the Village Sign and opposite the Chequers both need attention. Water 'ponds' badly outside Mr. Johnson's house in Basil Road - clerk to inform County Council. The date of each monthly meeting is to be sent out on a slip of paper in the Church newsletter - Mrs. Cann volunteered to carry out this task. Annually a list is to be published in the same manner of the Councillors names and contact details, The Clerk confirmed that if any parishioner wishes to inspect plans before a Parish Council meeting they will be made available at a time convenient to both parties. A request was made for a Police speed check at Church Road / Ryston Road / Lime Kiln Road area.

Parish Clerk

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