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January 2006

Janet takes a ramble through her holiday in Tenerife to the more mundane tasks of hanging out the weekly wash.

We have just had a holiday in Tenerife, we had been to the hotel before and much to our delight, the little cat we saw on our previous holiday was still there. All the cat lovers stopped to make a fuss of the little tabby moggy. I don't know how much food was passed to her; she managed to keep up with the food parcels though!

The first thing we did when we came back home, well you won't be surprised to see that our cat Toby was collected from the cattery post haste! We didn't see a lot of him for a while; the garden had to be inspected before he could settle down! I think he needed the exercise too, I know the feeling. Has anyone got a good diet sheet?

Seeing as today promises to be a sunny and windy one, I have hung the washing out to dry. Lately the tumble dryer has been on duty too much, it needs a rest and it's an expensive way to dry the clothes.

While I was hanging the washing out, I had to sort through my peg bucket for the strongest pegs. I don't suppose you know where I can get any decent pegs? I know that some of mine are a German make, I have had them for years, and they do a grand job keeping the washing on the line! It doesn't seem a lot to ask, does it? Well I could be asking for diamonds, couldn't I?

Cat Toby is fed up, his patch of catmint is not doing too well. I found a few leaves for him and I reckon we'll have to grow another patch to keep him going and cover it so that it stands a chance to grow to a decent size.

When we first moved to Station Road it was a quiet country road, we used to take our visitors down the road for a walk. Children, us included, would stand on the bridge and stare into the river, hoping to see a fish. When one of our little granddaughters visited us she wanted to carry a handbag, so she took one that my brother had sent us from Australia.

The handbag was made of fur; one side was made to look like a koala bear's face. The excited child, clutching the small handbag, swinging it to and fro and chatting to everyone as they made their way to the river.

I stayed at home getting a meal ready for everyone when I heard a child howling, the handbag had fallen into the river! We spent the rest of the day trying to cheer the kiddie up; she still is a bit of a theatrical child. I wrote to my brother explaining the child's distress, no problem, another koala handbag was in the post the next day.

For some reason the new koala handbag was ignored, in fact it is still somewhere in the house. I come across it every once in a while, it never did get played with, but it is there if they ever want it!

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Janet Tilburn.

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