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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting

January 2006

The mintes of the November meeting of the Stoke ferry parish Council

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 30 November 2005

Those Attending: Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mr Mycock, Mrs M Leamon, Mrs T Man, Mr M Precey, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 12 members of the public.

Apologies: Were received from Councillor White, Councillor Manley and Mr J Preston

Declaration of Interest Mrs M Leamon in respect of Planning Applications for the Stoke Ferry Quarry/Landfill Site on the A134.

Minutes of the last Meeting: Mr Precey proposed that the minutes be adopted, seconded by Mrs Mann.

Matters Arising:

a) Co-option of Councillors - Mr William Alderson has decided not to accept the position of Parish Councillor at the current time but would consider being one at a later date. It was decided to wait until January and advertise the two vacancies then.

b) Notice Board - Thanks were offered to Mr Summers who had kindly repaired and repainted the Notice Board.

c) Steps Great Mans Way - Highways reported that they could not find any steps, they should be off the A134 Stoke Ferry side of the Bridge, it was agreed to write to Highways again asking for them to be reinstated.

d) The new takeaway in Lynn Road were still opening later than 10.00pm on some evenings. It was agreed that Planning should be informed.

Vehicle Activated Speed Sign:

A quotation had been received from NCC Planning & Transportation in the sum of £4,494 plus VAT, which had been passed to Favor Parker and accepted by them. Favor Parker have very kindly donated this sign to the village, all future maintenance and supply costs will be taken on by the county council. A letter of appreciation and thanks to be forwarded to Mr Inskip at Favor Parker.

Bus Shelter:

Three quotations had been received for the repair/replacements of tiles and lead on the roof as follows:

Ron Challis - £499.37. Pro-Line - £750.00. Anderson's Roofing - £270 plus VAT.

After consideration it was agreed that the quotation from Anderson's Roofing should be accepted.


Stoke Ferry Quarry/Landfill A134 - Continued Mineral Extraction Extension until

5/4/2012 Approved by Parish

Stoke Ferry Quarry/Landfill A134 - Continued Mineral Extraction and Land filling

Until 5/4/2012 Approved by Parish

Refusal of Outline Application Construction of dwelling Land West of Jafrene Wretton Road Refusal of Planning Permission - Construction of 9 dwellings and conversion of 3

Existing buildings at Geoff Allen Timber Merchants

Application single storey extension to dwelling at Wynbury Bridge Road Approved by Parish

Refusal of Outline Planning construction of dwelling land South of Mon Ami Wretton Road

Grant of Planning Permission 4 dwellings land South of Bewenjon Wretton Road

Grant of Planning Permission continued use of takeaway (Class A5) and change of use to

Retail (Class A1) at Selfs Stores Lynn Road

Refusal of Planning Permission Temporary standing of mobile home at Cherry Tree

Farm Bridge Road

Grant of Planning Permission construction of dwelling land adjacent The Hunny Pot Furlong Drove

Refusal of Planning Permission retention of mobile home for residential use at Horsemans

Rest Little Mans Way

Payments for Approval:

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 Lighting Maintenance October/November

British Legion - £25.00 Donation to Poppy Appeal

Mrs C Hardy - £325 1/4 Salary to end November

Mrs C Hardy - £34.18 1/4 Expenses to end November

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 Lighting Maintenance November/December

Country Grounds Maintenance - £520.41 1/2 year grass cutting and grounds maintenance

Mrs M Leamon proposed approval for payment seconded by Mr M Precey


H Brett & Son - Request for additional inscription on memorial in respect of Georgina Garner - approved

James Bradfield Church of England School seeking nominations to join the Governing Body as an LEA Governor - letter passed to Mrs Mann who would be interested

Norfolk Constabulary - informing the parish that the mobile police station would be visiting the village from January 2006, it will be stationed at the War Memorial Car Park. Notice to be put on board and in pump.

Audit Commission - annual audit has been satisfactorily completed

Borough Council of King's Lynn - Winterwise Campaign 2005 - notice on board and in pump

Borough Council of King's Lynn - enclosing notices in respect of the Foolhardy Folk Little Circus visiting the village - pass to the school for their information.

Norfolk County Council - notifying change of Director of Planning & Transportation to Mr Mike Jackson

Councillors Other Business:

a) Mr Ferrie referred to funding that was available for a village plan which the government are encouraging villages to prepare, this would set out what residents would like the village to develop in the future. This would be the next step on from the village design statement which has already been prepared. The last date for applying for funding is 1 March 2006. It was agreed that the information pack be circulated to Councillors again, following which a decision to be made regarding applying for the funding.

b) Grass Cutting/grounds maintenance - it was agreed to ask CGM to provide a detailed list of exactly what areas they cover.

c) Mr Mycock raised the matter of planning applications being circulated and why could they not be looked at at meetings. It was pointed out that once the Parish Consultation is received there are only 21 days in which to return the Councillors comments, if Planning do not receive these by the date stipulated Parish comments are not taken into consideration. It was agreed to continue as currently and each councillor should try not to take more than two days before passing on planning applications. Also to inform the Clerk if they will not be available at any time between meetings to save time.

d) Mrs Mann mentioned that the minutes of meetings do not appear in the Lynn News. The Clerk agreed to make contact to find out what the procedure is.

e) Mrs Mann also reported that shrubs are overhanging the footpath in Lynn Road from the garden of Gods Old House. A letter to be sent to the occupier.

f) Mr Precey reported shrubs overhanging the footpath in Oxborough Road by The Haven and No 5.

g) Mrs Leamon reported a bramble bush overhanging the grassed area by 35 Buckenham Drive, also fly tipping in this area.

h) The Clerk asked if there were any large projects likely in the future as she would be preparing the budget for the next meeting.

Public Other Business

a) A query was made as to what size planning application would require a developer to provide amenities, it was thought around 25 properties but there does not appear to be a definite number.

b) Strip of grass opposite the School/Community Centre very untidy again, Highways to be notified.

c) It was felt there was more rubbish thrown around the village since the opening of the takeaway. A letter to be forwarded to them plus the Fish Shop requesting they each have a rubbish bin outside their premises.

d) Any events which are to take place in Stoke Ferry should be notified to Mr William Alderson for publishing in the Pump.

f) A suggestion was made that in view of the money having to be spent on repairs in the village following vandalism, could a notice be erected to the effect that this money could have been spent of project to help the residents of the village.

g) Again it was reported that large lorries were entering and driving through the village over the Bridge. A letter to be sent to BSC also notified the police again.

h) Rubbish bin in bus shelter has still not be moved - this is in hand.

i) Footpath opposite Post Office - shrubs overgrown from gardens preventing wheelchair access - letter to be sent to occupiers.

j) Only 1/4 of the grass in the playing fields was cut on the last couple of occasions because of the problems, and cutting the grass in the rain was brought up. CGM to be contacted on this matter.

k) Cars are being parked at the end of Buckenham Drive blocking the entrance to the playing fields, beer bottles and rubbish being thrown around and loud music creating a disturbance. Borough Council and the Police to be informed.

l) Chapmans Field has been ploughed and again the footpath has not been reinstated. Further representations to be made to the Countryside Officer asking what the next step would be to stop this recurring problem.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm

Next Meeting:

It was agreed the next meeting would be on Wednesday 11 January 2006 commencing at 7.30pm.

Chairman:......................................... Date...........................................

Parish Clerk

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