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January 2006

Ron gives us a glimpse of more items unearthed from Fred Highfield's treasure trove

Fred Highfield was captured in North Africa and spent four long years in enemy PoW camps; some of his fellow prisoners took to writing. Fred, who died last year, kept copies of some of their works. Some further extracts are given below:

Lost at Dunkirk

Let the world drink a toast to the bold Cameron men

Whose war cries no boast as they've proved once again

While back in the streets of a little French town

They stood in the doorways and mowed the Huns down

Doomed though they were, sure no man was afraid

Till the Jerry fell back with his terror displayed,

For had not their fathers some strange tales to tell

Of the men who wore kilts called 'the ladies from hell'?

For the flowers of the Camerons their life blood had shed,

While back in that town, death still held the field

For while he still lives sure no Cameron will yield.

Outside in the harbour, the ships of our fleet

Riding Britain's brave sons in their epic retreat.

And still they beat back that mad German horde

Till the last British Tommy was safely aboard.

The tales of their daring the whole world has sung.

It's been spoken and respected in most every tongue,

For they died and in dying they've proved once gain

That no German can humble the brave Cameron men.

Anon. Carpi Italy 1942


We think of our pals though they be dead,

Killed in action by enemy lead.

Buried in Lydia under trackless sand

Far far away from their native land,

Leaving behind their loved ones dear

They answered the call, without any fear.

So here's to those pals, may God let them lie

For bravely they fought and bravely did die

Anon. Carpi Italy 1942


I send these lines to you my dear

This little verse to say

My thoughts to you are ever turning

Though you're so far away

The time is long, but dreams are sweet

And love can never fail.

Keep smiling and the hour will come

When homeward bound I'll sail.

The fight for freedom fought and won

A better world in view

God speed that good and happy day

When I come back to you.


Once upon a time, there was a sun up in the sky

And you and I were happy.

That was yesterday, and so we've left it all behind,

Now what do we find?

Yesterday' dreams were born with a smile,

Yesterday's dream just lingered awhile.

We lived and laughed, and the world was ours,

Then came the teardrops, our April showers.

Yesterday's dreams are so far away,

Gone with the dawn that brought today.

Maybe tomorrow we'll see our dreamboat sail into view

Then Yesterday's dreams will all come true.

Anon. Carpi Italy 1942

via Ron Watts

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