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Wretton PC Minutes of the meeting held on 9th November

December 2005

Wretton PC minutes




Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr B Glover, Cllr L Peake, Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim, Cllr S Briston

4 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence:

Cllr I Mack

Apologies also received from Cllr T Manley

2. Declaration of Interest:

None stated

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 14th September 2005, were approved. Proposed Cllr M Peake, seconded Cllr L Peake, all agreed.

Cllr Pilgrim gave his reasons as to why he left the last meeting before it had ended. He has concerns regarding the planning system.

4. Matters Arising:

Item 5 - Rent for the play area was £64.69 per annum and was unpaid for two years. This shows up in expenditure for 2003/4. The rent for the play area is now £100pa.

Item 4 - The hedge beyond the Clover Club has been trimmed back, but the footpath is still overgrown. Highways will be contacted again about this.

5. Chairman's Report:

o Wretton Homewatch has a new co-ordinator (Ellen Jacobs) and it was noted that volunteers for street co-ordinators are needed.

o The Play area is up and running and the Chairman thanked all those involved in the project.

Clerk's Report:

o Electricity for the streetlights has not been paid for some time and a bill is to be re-issued.

o Norfolk Youth and Community Service have requested attending a future P.C. meeting to advice on youth issues and opportunities. It was agreed that this visit be arranged.

6. Accounts presented for approval of payment:

Invoice for play equipment received - total cost of £20415.62 (VAT to reclaim £3040.62). All agreed to issue payment.

Finance as at 31/10/05

Community Account £590.04

Business Reserve Account £30135.75

Business Premium Account £1623.32

TOTAL £32349.11

Cheques for approval of payment

Internal Audit fee £35.00

Clerk's wages/expenses (August, September, October)£173.47

Inland Revenue £46.35

The clerk is an employee of the Council and PAYE deductions are being made.

It was queried as to whether the Parish Council hold employers insurance and this will be checked.

A concern was voiced regarding the seemingly poor wood the new play equipment is constructed from and how much money was spent. The play equipment is guaranteed and public meetings were held to discuss the play area before going ahead. Generally it appears the play area has been well received and is an achievement. Parish Council land was sold and it was agreed to put the money raised to a capital project. It is planned that money raised from the paper bank will fund future maintenance of the play area.

7. Correspondence

1. Norfolk Link, NCAPTC AGM

2. Rural Speed Reduction Initiative

3. Funding Opportunities leaflets

4. Council Meeting Agenda for 29/10/05!

5. Winterwise campaign 2005

6. Conclusive map of Registered Common Land and Open Country

7. Land Full? Leaflets

8. Local Transport Plan 2 Consultation

9. Way to Go! Newsletter

10. Local Democracy Week - Involving Young People

11. NCAPTC Annual Report

12. Consultation on Norfolk County Councils Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan

13. NRCC Newsletter

14. Norfolk minerals and Waste Development Framework: Draft Statement of Community Involvement

15. Order form for bi-centenary booklet

16. Norfolk Link

17. Planning meeting with parish delegates - 23/11/05 @6.30pm, King's Lynn Corn Exchange

18. Development Services relocating to King's Court, Chapel Street, King's Lynn - more info. on www.west-norfolk.gov.uk

19. Letter re. Street lights

20. Invitation to King's Lynn Fire Station for public consultation on the2006/7 Safety Plan

8. Planning


Applicant: Acacia Ltd

Ref. No: P/C/2/2005/2016

Location: Quarry south of A134, Lynn Road, Stoke Ferry, King's Lynn

Details: Continued crushing and recycling of construction and demolition wastes until 5 April 2012

Applicant: Acacia Ltd

Ref. No: P/C/2/2005/2020

Location: Landfill Site south of A134, Lynn Road, Stoke Ferry, King's Lynn

Details: Sorting of recyclable materials with retention of existing storage buildings

Applicant: Acacia Ltd

Ref. No: P/C/2/2005/2018

Location: Quarry/Landfill Site south of A134, Lynn Road, Stoke Ferry, King's Lynn

Details: Continued mineral extraction and landfilling until 5 April 2012 amended operational arrangements

The Parish Council felt more information was needed before they could make any comments on the above applications. The planning case officer will be contacted to enquire whether a site visit can be arranged.

Applicant: Shingham Livestock

Ref. No: 05/02089/F

Location: Plot 2, Church Farm, Low Road, Wretton

Details: Construction of new vehicular access

Recommended refusal

The Parish Council felt this extra access would create too many accesses, too close together along Low Road and that alternative access is available. There was also some discussion as to whether the proposed access was across Parish Council land. Refusal recommended by 5 votes and 1 abstention.

8.20pm Cllr N Pigrim declared an interest when the location of the next application was divulged and left the meeting while the following item was discussed.

Applicant: Mr and Mrs Wilson

Ref. No: 05/02251/F

Location: Wretton House, Low Road, Wretton

Details: First floor extension and balcony

Recommended approval

8.23pm Cllr N Pilgrim returned

Planning Decisions:

Applicant: M. Spruces

Ref. No: 05/01682/F

Location: Invicta House, Field Lane, Wretton

Details: Two storey extension

Permission granted

Applicant: Mr and Mrs J F Devonshire

Ref. No: 05/01845/F

Location: Oak Tree Farmhouse, Chequers Road, Wretton

Details: Extension to dwelling

Permission granted

Applicant: Mr G Hadfield

Ref. No: 05/01594/F

Location: The Old School, Field Lane, Wretton

Details: Extension to dwelling

Permission granted

9. Village Green and Sign:

o The Borough Council's legal team is dealing with the transfer of The Green to Wretton Parish Council and hopefully this will have been completed by the next P.C. meeting.

o Estimates are needed for erection of the village sign

o The green will be an amenity area and it has been suggested goal posts be put up.

8.30pm Meeting closed and opened to members of the public:

o The pond on The Green was created as a condition of the original planning consent for development around The Green and once ownership is with the Parish Council this issue can be looked into and a decision can be made as to what to do with the pond. Concerns were raised that older children in the village have nothing to do and it was suggested that if something were to be provided for them they would be encouraged to leave the existing play equipment for the younger children. It was suggested a public meeting could be held to consider suggestions for The Green.

o Misuse of the play area needs reporting and it was suggested a No Smoking sign ought to be put up on the Teenage Shelter.

o Ball games are not allowed in the play area, as this was a condition included at purchase.

o There are concerns with putting goal posts on The Green because of the proximity to the road and the possible disturbance this could cause to those living around The Green.

o Queries were raised regarding Anglia Waters recent activities in the parish. Due to a change in funding the original sewerage schemes have been altered.

o It was reported a school bus is regularly driven very fast along Chequers Lane. The registration number of the bus is needed so this can be reported.

o There are no signs for Wretton along the West Dereham Road or Low Road.

Meeting re-opened at 8.55pm.

10. Insurance for Play Area:

Insurance has been quoted at £258.30 per annum.

It was proposed, seconded and agreed to arrange insurance at this cost.

1 councillor voted against.

11. Street lighting maintenance contract:

It was agreed to accept the tender received for a three year contract at £165.96 per year.

12. Date of next meeting 11th January 2005

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

Parish Clerk

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