River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Turkey Risotto

December 2005

Another mouth-watering recipe from the kitchen

Serve 4


125 g / 4 oz mushrooms

50 g / 2 oz butter

1 medium sized onion, chopped

175 to 225 g / 6 to 8 oz brown or white rice

450 to 750 ml / 3/4 to 1 1/4 pints of light turkey or chicken stock (from boiling the carcass)

25 to 50 g / 1 to 2 oz sultanas

325 g / 12 oz cold cooked turkey in bite sized pieces

3 tomatoes, skinned and chopped

125 g / 4 oz cooked peas


1. Wipe or wash the mushrooms, but do not peel. If large, cut in half.

2. Melt butter in a large saucepan, add onion and soften but do not brown.

3. Add the mushrooms.

4. Add the rice and cook gently until rice absorbs butter and goes transparent.

5. Add 300 to 450 ml / 1/2 to 3/4 pint of the stock and bring to the boil.

6. Simmer, stirring occasionally, keeping the lid on the pan when not stirring. If mixture becomes too dry before rice is cooked, gradually add a little more stock.

7. After 12 minutes add sultanas and turkey. Allow to cook 2 to 3 minutes more then add tomatoes and peas. Check for seasoning and continue cooking 'till rice is done. The risotto will take about 20 minutes to cook, depending upon the type of rice used. It should be soft and creamy, but not mushy. 50 to 75 g / 2 to 3 oz ham cut in cubes can also be added at the same time as the turkey pieces. Also good is made with chicken instead of turkey

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