River Wissey Lovell Fuller

"Runnin' On."

December 2005

More of Janet's homespun philosphy

Unsolicited mail must be the one of the largest wastes of money there is. Each morning our postman delivers our mail, most of it goes into the recycling box. The only saving there is will be the paper that the bin men collect, I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has an inkling of the cost of the waste of manpower and paper.

When we first moved to Downham I was surprised when one of our bin men gave our kiddies toys that had been outgrown. Any youngsters that were around benefited and the children were delighted, no anxious watching to make sure new toys stayed new! Each Bin Day was a red letter one for the children and they loved it, I should think parents were pleased too! For our children it was a nice surprise to get so much fun with no one fussing much, and, a very friendly start to our new home.

This year Mr T. decided that the leylandi hedge needed a trim, it all looked very smart. As a windshield on windy days it is a life saver, we have many happy hours watching the birds. Standing indoors and watching the pigeons, doves and sparrows helps to pass the time away while washing up. However, when I stood and watched wasps having a great time on the newly cut branches, it made me wonder if the leylandi have a sugary sap in them, does anyone know?

Since we were invaded by wasps last year I keep a careful eye on them, I had some very painful stings one year and it has stayed in my memory box for twenty years. That is one experience that I didn't enjoy! I must say that the wasps nests are a work of art though, I do admire them.

Next time I have an article to write we will be in the New Year, so can I send you all our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Thank you for being such good friends to us. Toby the cat sends his regards to.

Janet Tilburn.

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