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November 2005

Minutes of the July meeting of the PC




Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr B Glover, Cllr L Peake, Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim

1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr S Briston

2. Declaration of Interest

None stated

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 11th May 2005.

were approved, proposed by Cllr M Peake and seconded by Cllr B. Glover

4. Matters Arising

The Chairman signed his Declaration of Office

5. Correspondence

For Information

BCKLWN - Payment for general election - 10 May

BCKLWN - Agenda Special Meeting 8 Jun - recvd 31 May

BCKLWN - Agenda Meeting 30 June

The Playing Field Newsletter

Care and Repair Leaflet

Norfolk Training Partnership Newsletter 10 - May 2005

Norfolk Link 149

Iceni Homes Leaflet - April 2005

BCKLWN - Opportunity Awards 2005

BCKLWN - Agenda Standards Committee Meeting - 30 June

NCA of Town & Parish Councils Pointers to Good Practice Booklet

Norfolk Ambition Volunteer Poster - Notice Board

Vitalise Request for Funds 3 May 2005

For Action

J Congreave -Application for clerk - discussed in Members Matters

Norfolk Rural Community Council - Subscription May 2005 -Subscription Proposed Cllr M. Peake, seconded Cllr L. Peake

Norfolk Rural Community Council - Offer of help 1 July 2005

Trafalgar Weekend letter - No decision for action

BCKLWN Register of Electors Canvassers- passed to Cllr. M Peake

DEFRA Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act - Chairman outlined aspects of this communication and councillors noted points.

Norfolk Playing Fields Association Certificate and Constitution and Notice received - P.C. has joined association

Mayors Charity Appeal - donation request rejected, as it was felt money should be focused more locally

NCA of Town & Parish Councils - Exec Committee Vacancy advertised

Norfolk Parish Training Partnership - Play Group Safety - P.C. informed of course

Barclays New Interest rates - P.C. informed

6. Planning

6.1 Planning Applications:

Applicant: Mr & Mrs M Brown

Ref. No: 05/01179/F

Location: Hill Crest, Field Lane, Wretton

Details: Extension to dwelling including insertion of roof lights and dormer windows in connection with accommodation in roof space

Approval recommended

6.2 BCKLWN Statement of Community involvement - Response before 5 August

BCKLWN Issues and Options Consultation - Response before 17 August BCKLWN Council

The Chairman outlined what the above papers are about and explained that a consultation process is taking place to determine views regarding the new Local Development Framework. A questionnaire supplied with the explanatory booklets asks for opinions as to which of three options in the development proposals people would support.

Three options:

1. A concentrated development strategy, where King's Lynn is developed as a sub-regional centre.

2. King's Lynn, Downham Market and Hunstanton would be areas for major growth.

3. Development would be more evenly spread across the Borough.

The Parish Council voted 4 t0 1 in favour of supporting Option 1. They support the emerging vision and proposals of the Local Development Plan as outlined and responded to the questionnaire accordingly.

7. Finance


Community Account 3915.66

Business Reserve Account 32032.08

Business Premium Account 1623.32 Total 35,571.06

Refund of advert fee £58.33 - 37.99 = £20.24



Country Grounds Maintenance - verge cutting 470.00

Country Grounds Maintenance - play area/churchyard 453.20

Chairman/Clerks expenses 3.97

8. Play Area

* Cllr M Peake reported that because the Parish Council holds a substantial amount of money in reserve any grant applications would not be looked at favourably.

* The price of fencing the area has increased to £1500 and it was agreed by 4 to 1 to proceed with replacement (proposed Cllr M Peake, seconded Cllr L Peake). The large gate is to remain in the same position and the small gate is to be located half way down the lane. A notice board will be by the gate and a sign will be erected regarding ball games.

* At the Annual Parish Meeting it was agreed the Parish Council would provide significant funding towards play equipment.

Meeting closed to allow members of the audience to speak:

The total cost of the playgroup project to provide equipment suitable for toddlers and juniors, a teenage shelter and seating for adults has been estimated at £20000. The members of the public at the meeting felt The Parish Council should contribute as much as possible towards this.

Meeting re-opened:

* Cllr. M Peake proposed that the Parish Council fund the whole project at a cost of £20000. Seconded Cllr L Peake, all agreed.

* It was suggested that funds raised from the paper bank be used to maintain the play area. The Parish Council will look into taking this scheme on board.

9. Village Green and Sign

* Chairman has sign

* Discussion took place as to the best way to proceed for the Parish Council to obtain the land on which to erect the village sign. It has been recommended to the Borough Council Cabinet The Green be transferred to the Parish Council at a nominal cost of £1 plus £400 +VAT to cover costs. Cllr M Peake proposed this course of action be followed. Seconded Cllr D Llewellyn, all agreed.

10. Public Participation

Public involved in discussions above

11. Members Matters

11.1 It was reported that verges are overgrown between The Clover Club and Wretton boundary.

12. Date of next meeting 14th September 2005

The meeting closed at 9.50pm

Parish Clerk

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