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Runnin On Nov

November 2005

Janet tells us about Toby (her cat) and the chickens

While I was wondering just what I could write about this month it occurred to me that it was no hardship when I was at work. Customers would come over to the shop counter and remark on some of the previous tales, I think a lot of the articles were about ordinary things that happened to amuse me, I just hope they amuse our readers today!

I think most people will be able to picture this little tale. I was doing my level best to pull up the weeds in our veggie patch, but I kept hearing chicken, now we don't have any chicken, so I packed in the weeding and went very quietly from our garden to the footpath between our high hedge and the next door garden hedge. There was our cat Toby sitting in the long grass staring at three very handsome chickens.

I'm very fond of chickens, when I was a kiddie there were always some, they were experts when they felt like a wander round the garden they always managed to escape from their run.

Walking across to Toby I gave him a tickle round his ears and we watched the chicken together. There was a chicken with fluffy feathers, which looked like exotic trousers, what a handsome bird. As the footpath is a public right of way we do hear quite a few people using it, I should think some of them got a surprise when they came across our cat and three chickens!

Janet Tilburn.

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