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More recipe's from the 1826 cookbook

November 2005

Some recipes from the 19th century!

You may fine some wording strange to our modern cooking recipe's but remember this was a 175 year's ago.

Rook Pie

Skin and draw six young rooks and cut out back bones. Season them well with pepper and salt and put them in a deep dish, with a quarter of a pint of water. Put over them some butter, and lay a paper over it, for it requires a good deal of baking.

To Coller a Calf's head

Take a calf's head with the skin on - dress off the hair. Rip it down the face and take out the bones carefully from the meat. Steep it in warm blue milk till it is white. Lay it flat and rub it with the white of an egg and strew over it: a tea-spoonful of white pepper, two or three blades of beaten mace, one nut meg, a spoonful of salt, two score of oysters chopped small, half a pound of beef marrow and a large handful of parsley. Lay them all over the inside of the head. Cut off the ears and put them in a thin part of the head; roll it up tight and bind it with a fillet, and wrap it in a clean cloth. Boil it for two hours and when it is almost cold, bind it with a fresh fillet, and put it in a pickle made of one pint of salt and water and half pint of vinegar.

From Rosie Watson (not Rose Mason as stated last month).

Sorry Rosie, got my fingers in a muddle, Ray

Rosie Mason

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