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Yorkshire Christmas Pie

October 2005

Here is a real challenge - a recipe from an 1826 cook book

This recipe was sent in by Rosie Watson from Wretton; she found it in an 1826 cookbook and wondered if anyone would dare to try it! PS a Bushel = 8 gallons or 4 Pecks!

Yorkshire Christmas Pie

Make a good standing crust, and let the wall and bottom be very thick. Prepare a turkey, a goose, a fowl, a partridge, and a pigeon; season them all well. Mix half an ounce of mace, half an ounce of nutmeg, a quarter of an ounce of cloves, half an ounce of black pepper, all beaten fine together, and two large spoonfuls of salt. Open the fowls down the back, and bone them and place them one inside the other; first the pigeon , then the partridge; then the fowl then the goose, and then the turkey, (which must be large;) season them well first, and lay them in the crust, so as to look like a whole turkey. Case a hare and wipe it with a clean cloth; joint it season and lay as close as you can on one side; on the other side woodcocks, moor-game and what sort of wild fowl you can get; season well and lay them close. Put four pounds of butter into the pie, lay on the lid (which must be a very thick one) and bake it well; this crust will take a bushel of flour. It will take at least four hours in a very hot oven.

from Rosie Watson

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