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Wereham Parish Council Minutes

October 2005

Minutes of the September meeting

Minutes of Wereham Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 13th September

at 7.30 p.m.in The Village Hall.

1. Present: R. Lankfer - Chairman, C. Humphries, P. Markwell, Mrs. Willis, G. Clere, G. Got, D. Pickston. T. Manley : Borough Councillor and a member of the public.

2. Apologies: None

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on it July 2005 be signed as correct record subject to the inclusion of D. Pickston's name being recorded as an apology.

4. Matters Arising: Sounding Alley - C. Humphries has cleared the Sounding Alley for which the Councillors recorded their thanks. The Road Closed sign has now been removed but the footpath from Crown Gardens to Flegg Green still needs attention including the Elder bush. The Japanese Knot weed problem is in hand.

5. Planning: B.S.C. Wissington - Bio-Ethanol production and storage - B.S.C.Wissington - Topsoil Storage & Conditioning area; Acacia Waste Ltd. Use of alternative access to serve the existing landfill and waste sorting operations - all recommended for approval.

6. Planning Decision: Mr. & Mrs R. Smith - Extension to dwelling Flegg Green -approved.

7. Payments: Pearce & Kemp Ltd £32.51: Petty cash £40.54 - proposed G. Gott, seconded G. Clere - pass for payment.

8. Correspondence: Norfolk Link : Playing Field : N.R.C.C. Signpost: N.C.C. Newsletter : National Trail : Hop on Hop off Bus timetable : W.N.B.C. Planning application future notifications : N.C.C. Norwich Bus Station - opened 30th August 2005: C.G.M. Ltd. Questionnaire - all noted. Mrs. R. Warren - requested a Bottle Bank in the Village - this is thought not to be possible - clerk to notify Mr. Warren.

9. Any Other Business: Fishermen and the Pond - a further no fishing this side of Pond is requested but the Councillors, after a discussion, confirmed that signs have been tried and have failed and it is felt that it is not right or sensible to use public money when it is known that the expense is not going to get the desired results. The back entrance to the Playing Field is being blocked by parked cars - C. Humphries will endeavour to ascertain the owners and ask them to refrain carrying out this exercise. The footpath along Stoke Road in front of Charlton View development is now very danger, the Cemetery hedge needs cutting - clerk to deal with these matters. The hedge along Stoke Road between Holm Oak bungalow and the Row needs cutting. The footpath along Manor House on the A134 is very dangerous with roots growing upwards and overhanging branches. Rubbish in the Parish - Mr. Manley volunteered to contact the Environmental Health department at the Borough Council. D. Pickston stated that he is going away on holiday for 6 months and will therefore miss three meetings - he asked if the Councillors wished him to resign or accept his apologies for those three meetings - it was agreed to accept his apologies.

The meeting closed at 8.30p.m.

Parish Clerk

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