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Runnin On

October 2005

Janet shares her joy of bird watching

Another wet day and as I watch the doves playing "Hard to get" with one another, I have to laugh at their antics. We have a power line over the high Lelandii hedge and all the birds perch on it and look as though they are having a good old chinwag. Thinking about it, I don't think birds have chins, do they?

Our cat watches the birds showing off and then something else catches his attention and he's off to investigate. I think he knows that he doesn't have a chance of a dove for his lunch.

I stand at the kitchen sink and find myself having a giggle as the pigeons come bouncing out from the bottom of the hedge, they look like chorus girls - they strut around the lawn hoping to find a slow moving worm. After that they are reduced to scratching around beneath the bird table hoping they can find some scraps.

As the patch of Red hot pokers reached the ideal state for the birds to feast on they were soon cleared and the birds moved quickly on to the buddleias. I enjoy watching all the seed gathering and some of the birds' squabbling too!

Mr T and I went to the Scarecrow display at Wolferton a few weeks ago, if there is one next year and you have young children it is a real treat for the whole family. The scarecrows are set in really fascinating displays and there is a competition form for every one who wants one, and people who have collections brought them along too. It was all very interesting; there was something for everyone.

We were amazed to find there was no entrance fee; there were refreshments at a very reasonable price. We had a super afternoon, plenty of things to see and do. Apparently there were about ninety creations there. A lot of work for all the helpers, we did appreciate it all.

Janet Tilburn.

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