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Octobers Editorial

October 2005

Ray chatters about the weather, the cricket and the difficulties being encountered in transferring West Norfolk housing stock to Freebridge Housing Association

September has certainly lived up to its annual promise. The first couple of weeks were gloriously warm, although as I write this we have a much colder and damp spell. And now we have a forecast for yet more warm weather towards the end of the month; no wonder English weather is a major talking point.

But the weather did its very best to compliment the fantastic cricket Test series; adding just the right touch of tension to what was already the most exciting series I have ever witnessed. I had the miss-fortune to be serving in Australia during the 1958 MCC tour, where the Aussies virtually whitewashed us. As a small English community among a much larger Australian population, we were given a really rough time by our hosts. So how gratifying to see our current heroes beat them in an Ashes series for the first time in eighteen years. There is a more detailed appraisal of the series from Graham Forster on Page 31.

Listeners to Radio Norfolk will be aware that the proposed transfer of West Norfolk council stock to Freebridge has encountered some difficulties. The KL&WN Borough Council are trying, somewhat belatedly, to obtain a better sale price from Freebridge. My sources suggest that this stand-off will not last long and transfer will take place before the end of this calendar year. Let's hope so; many council tenants have been awaiting repairs and improvements for long enough already.

This is the first edition that has not benefited from the publishing skills of Monika Goetz. I hope you find my end product acceptable but, if you feel there is room for improvements, do let me know. As a trial, I have used drawings from a young Northampton artist - Jo Reynolds - for the front cover graphics. She is a talented young lady who came up with some novel designs in just a few days.

Maybe some of our readers have similar talents? Why not provide cover designs for future editions? The November edition should offer plenty of scope for budding artists! This offer is not just open to artists; why not send in some of your poetry or short stories? Or perhaps you have an idea for a regular monthly series. I have already received one offer from the son of a local resident to provide a regular Newsletter from abroad; so put your thinking caps on.

Throughout this issue you will see numerous references to charitable and fund raising events. Considerable effort goes into organising these, so do give them your support.

Finally, do remember the Village Pump AGM on THURSDAY 20th OCTOBER. We are still urgently seeking an Advertising Manager so, if you can use a computer, do give us a thought. It won't take up too much of your time and you will be part of a very happy team.

Ray Thompson

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