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October 2005

The Wereham Newsletter for October

Congratulations Doreen

Champagne corks were popping as customers and staff gathered to celebrate Doreen Rolph's 40 year's of service at Wereham Village Stores on 5th September. This was a special celebration for a lovely lady. Doreen is highly regarded by all who know her, but because she works at the hub of village life and plays a central role in all manner of village activities, it is virtually impossible to keep secrets from her. There would certainly have been many more people present to share in the 'surprise presentation' had it been possible to 'spread the word' without Doreen's knowledge!

Doreen started work in 1965 in the pre-supermarket era, a time when customers waited at counters to be served, or sent in an order for a weekly delivery. Goods such as cold meats, bacon, cheese, fruit and vegetables were weighed out for them and sugar was weighed into little blue bags at a shilling a pound. Today's shoppers fill baskets from pre-packed shelf-goods, including items from the freezer with the emphasis on 'speedy meals' and convenience foods. We may want quick meals, but the service we receive from Doreen today continues to be welcoming, courteous and polite, and, unless there's a queue, there's usually time to 'put the world to rights' or have a chat at the till.

At Wereham Village Stores, sweets continue to be weighed from jars in the 'old-fashioned way'. Over the years countless children will have queued at the counter waiting for Doreen to fill paper bags with their chosen confectionary. Doreen has a lovely rapport with children, always smiling and finding time to ask about their school day or hobbies etc. Doreen's 'Fan-Club' is not just limited to adults!

Shop owner Rachael 'masterminded' the surprise celebrations and presented Doreen with a gold watch and bracelet in recognition of her outstanding service. She also received a bouquet of flowers and an anniversary cake. Previous shop owners Ken and Betty English who worked with Doreen for 36 of the 40 years between 1967 and 2003 were also present to share Doreen's special day.

Sing that Hymn!

The three summer 'Songs of Praise' services at St. Margaret's Church were very well attended. A 'marathon of hymns' selected by Wereham residents have been sung at these special services. Clearly, Wereham's inhabitants enjoy hymn singing! If there is a special hymn you would like us to include in our weekly service schedule at other times of the year please let us know. There is a sheet at the back of the church on which you can record your requests, or just tell a member of the PCC.

Sue Smith

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