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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

October 2005

Minutes from the Meeting held on Wednesday 24th August 2005

1. Those Attending: Mr. B Harrison, Mr. M My- cock, Mr. M Ferrie, Mrs. M Leamon, Mrs. T Man, Councillor T Manley, Mrs. C Hardy (Clerk), 10 members of the public.

In the absence of Mr. Randall Mr. Harrison took the Chair.

2. Apologies: No apologies were received

3. Election of Chairman: Mrs. Leamon proposed and Mrs. Mann seconded that Mr. Ferrie be elected as Chairman, there being no other nominations, Mr Ferrie accepted and took the chair.

4. Minutes of the last Meeting: Mr. Harrison pro- posed that the minutes be adopted, seconded by Mrs. Leamon.

5. Matters Arising:

b) Grassed Area by Bungalows in Buckenham Drive: Cllr Manley informed the meeting that he had spoken with the Borough and that this matter should be dealt with following the housing stock transfer. Mr. Harrison raised the point that this transfer had been delayed, Cllr Manley stated that once valuations were complete the transfer would take place. Cllr Manley agreed to look into the matter again.

c) Playing Fields Lighting: An e-mail had been received from Ady Chaplin stating that funding was still being sought for the ball court and lighting, once this was received works would continue. The question of funding towards the lighting would be discussed once the works were completed. Agreement had been received from the Playing Fields for the feeder pillar and time clock be installed in the porta cabin.

e) Chapman's Field Footpath: A response from the Council representative dealing with this matter was read to the meeting. As there is sugar beat growing in this field it will soon be harvested. It was therefore agreed to write again asking why do we get this problem every year and can representation be made to the farmer.

Emissions from Factory: The response received from Environmental Protection was read to the meeting. It was felt that this did not answer the question raised. After some discussion Cllr Manley agreed to speak to the Environmental Inspec-tion Officer and invite her to the next meeting.

g) Seat by Village Sign: A quotation for the repair of this seat has been received from Thomas Bonnett - it was decided not to go ahead with any repairs as it was felt the seat would only be vandalised again.

h) Hedge 41 Buckenham Drive: This will be cut as soon as the occupier can arrange for this to be done.

j) Overgrown Hedge Bridge Road: This has now been cut.

6. Highways Matters:

a) Roads and footways: a response from Highways stated that all roads and footways are inspected on a regular basis and were included in an ongoing programme. The footpath in High Street recently resurfaced was raised as it does not look as though it has been done. The surface is churned up and crumbly. It was agreed a letter be sent regarding this.

b) Road Signs: Highways have agreed to replace the road signs requested, "Stoke Ferry" at either end of village and the "Boughton, Beachamwell, Oxborough, Barton Bendish" on Furlong Road/Lynn Road junction at their expense.

c) Grassed Area/Footpath in front of Fish Shop/Hairdressers: Highways stated in their letter that an area of gravel has now been laid in front of the Fish Shop. In respect of the grassed area they have asked for parish views, it was agreed to forward a letter requesting this area to be tarmaced also pointing out there has always been a footpath along this area in front of the shops from Buckingham Drive to Wretton Road with bollards either end.

d) Speed Limits, Wretton Road: Still awaiting a response from Highways, will write to them again.

e) Bus Shelter: So far have been unable to get repairs/replacement tiles it was suggested a quotation be sought from Ron Challis for this work.

7. Planning:

Outline Planning - Land West of Silver Firs Wretton Road Refused by Borough

Outline Planning - Land East of Silver Firs Wretton Road Refused by Borough

Outline Planning - Land West of Jafrene

Wretton Road Refused by Borough

Outline Planning - Land East of Jafrene

Wretton Road Refused by Borough

4 Double Garages Adjacent Brewenjon

Wretton Road Approved by Borough

Completion & Retention of extension of dwelling

Furlong House, Furlong Rd Approved by Borough

Retention of Mobile Home for residential use Horseman's Rest Little Mans Way

Approved by Parish

Construction of Dwelling Land Adjacent to The Hunny Pot Furlong Drove Approved by Parish

Construction of 9 dwellings at The Quarry

Furlong Drove Approved by Borough

Alterations to ground floor retail unit and extension to first floor to create a flat, The Shop Lynn Road Refused by Borough

(Mrs Mann declared an interest in this item)

Planning Application - Construction of 9 dwellings and conversion of 3 existing buildings To 4 units at Geoff Allen Timber Merchant Bridge Road

Decision expected from Parish by end of week

Planning Application - Erection of shop and flat above Lynn Road Decision expected from Parish by end of week

Caravans - it was agreed that a letter should be sent to Planning asking why it has taken so long to make a decision in respect of this matter which has been ongoing for a considerable time.

8. Village Design Statement:

Mr. Harrison declared an interest in this item and spoke from the floor. This matter was first raised in May four months ago on the instigation of John Prescott requesting villages for a design statement. Mr. Harrison asked the Parish Councillors for their acceptance of this document. One Councillor did not realise it was the final document. Mr. Harrison stated it had been on the website and displayed in various locations within the village, he was most disappointed at the lack of concern shown.

Mr. Harrison then stated he was resigning from the Parish Council as from now.

Mr. Ferrie asked for a copy of the design statement and would discuss it with Councillors and get decision by the end of the week.

9. Bank Mandate:

It was agreed to add Mr. Ferrie as a signatory on the current account and to update the name and address of the new Clerk.

11. Old Minutes and Accounts: There are a considerable number of Minute Books and Account Books dating back to the 1800's. It was agreed that these should be sent to the Borough Archives for safe keeping. Mr. Harrison would be interested in looking at them before this is done.

12. Payments for Approval:

MHB Services Ltd £65.79 First payment for Lighting Maintenance

Mrs. C Hardy £325.00 1/4 salary to end August 2005

Mrs. C Hardy £36.27 1/4 expenses to end August 2005

Mr. M Mycock proposed approval for payment seconded by Mrs. T Mann

13. Correspondence:

Mr. C Stocking - Letter of Resignation as Councillor - position has been advertised

Borough Council of King's Lynn - Scheme of Delegation for Planning Applications - put in Diplomatic Bag

BT - Acknowledgement of consultation re cashless payphones

Aqua Force - Deep Cleaning of Public Areas - no action

County of Norfolk HM Lieutenancy - The Queens Award for Voluntary Service - Notice on Board

Essex & Suffolk Water - Denver and Wash Stakeholder Special Meeting - no action

Alfred McAlpine - refund of £64.25 being overpayment in respect of cancelled lighting maintenance contract

Country Grounds Maintenance - Questionnaire in respect of their performance - put in Diplomatic Bag

14 Councillors Other Business:

a) Mr. Mycock reported that the street light opposite wood yard in Bridge Road is permanently on

b) Mrs. Mann reported that in response to the letter she received the land at the rear of the Shop in Lynn Road has been tidied up. She also pointed out that the field immediately behind her premises was in an untidy state. It was agreed a letter be sent to Grampian's asking them to cut this.

c) Mrs. Leamon reported planks against the curb of 26 Buckenham Drive to give vehicle access to front of property. It was agreed a letter be sent to the occupier with a copy to Highways.

d) Mr. Ferrie reported on the state of the newly surfaced footpath in High Street - see earlier item under Highways. He also mentioned a crack in the footpath in the hammerhead in Bradfield Place.

e) Mr. Ferrie raised the matter of Councillors who fail to attend meetings on a reasonably regular basis, it was agreed to check the attendances and write to those not attending asking their intentions.

15. Public Other Business

a) A point was raised regarding planning applications in respect of larger sites - developers only put in plans for part of the site to prevent them having to provide amenities for the village. Why can't they be asked to put in plans for the whole site. Also can members of the public see the plans. It was agreed this could take place with arrangements for viewing being made with the Clerk.

b) Disappointment that the Village Design Statement has not been approved. This gives a voice for the village, also helps the PC to do this, we are lagging behind other villages.

c) Street Light outside 5 Buckenham Drive on permanently.

d) Bus Shelter - this is focal point of the village, it was felt the tiles should be replaced to make this area look aesthetically pleasing. (see earlier item). The rubbish bin has been placed right in the middle preventing people from sheltering from bad weather. It was agreed to ask Bonnett's to quote for re-siting this bin either to one side of shelter or outside.

e) It was felt that the tree outside the Fish Shop should be protected.

f) Chapman's Field Footpath - it was felt when appropriate this should be cut rather than sprayed, also why does this matter come up every year (see earlier item in minutes)

g) Playing Fields - it was reported that the playing fields was infested with the shafer bug which was eating the roots of the grass, eventually there will be no grass. Various consultants have been called in, nothing can be done apart from very expensive treatments.

h) The Residents Association are proposing a hold a Stoke Ferry Festival during one week in September 2006 - Monday to Friday with various music concerts in the Church together with many other events, a Harvest Fair, a non-denominational service in the Church and a Farmers Market. Julian Clary had agreed to be Patron of the Residents Association.

The next meeting was arranged for:

Wednesday 12 October 2005 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business

the meeting closed at 9.24pm.

Parish Clerk

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