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Hidden Saints - Hidden Kingdom

October 2005

A preview of a forthcoming event at Ely Cathedral

God at work across the world

A celebration of the world church

November 5th 11.00 -3.00 pm Ely Cathedral

On November 5th, Ely Cathedral will be hosting a major celebration of the world church, when the whole diocese will have the opportunity to celebrate its links with the world church. The event is for all ages.

Come and join a South American dance workshop, or discuss what we can learn from our links; have your hands painted in Indian style, or spend some time meditating on what it means to be a Christian in another part of the world; over a cup of coffee, find out how you can offer some time for God in another part of the world, or discover what to look out for if you are planning to take a gap year.

Parishes with world church links have been invited to bring displays of their links - come and find out what a difference these links have made to lives at both ends of the links, and discover how easy it is to form such a link.

Bring some food to share with everyone. Our lunch will reflect the banquet in the Kingdom of heaven. If you can bring food that reflects another culture or country, that will be wonderful. However, if your children will only eat egg sandwiches - then bring some of them - and enough for others to share! After lunch we will have an act of worship which will reflect the whole of God's kingdom, and also the various links represented in the diocese.

This event is for everyone - for those with links, those who are interested in the life of other Christians, for those who are curious, and those who want something different to do on a Saturday afternoon. (We'll finish in plenty of time for people to get home before the firework celebrations start).

Canon Fiona Brampton

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