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News from Boughton

September 2005

Our monthly update from Boughton

All Saints' Church

Annual Churches Sponsored Cycle Ride - Saturday 10th September

We now have one family who have volunteered to cycle for the church on this occasion. If anyone else feels that they could do so, please contact me, or read the notice board for further details. You can also walk, or ride a horse - it doesn't have to be a bike!


Many of you will have noticed that the churchyard is becoming overgrown. This not only looks bad, but will make it very difficult for people visiting the graves. It is proving almost impossible to find volunteers to cut the grass, particularly around the gravestones. The ageing ladies who make up the bulk of the congregation simply cannot do it themselves, and as it is an open churchyard would appreciate some help. If anyone can offer to cut some of the grass, or take a strimmer round the gravestones, please contact one of the churchwardens, or Frank Reid, who organises the grass cutting round the village.

All Saints Church Boughton - Family Services

Back to school

Sunday 4th September at 10.30 am

Looking forward to the next academic year

Harvest Festival

Sunday 2nd October at 10.30 am

Boughton Hog Roast

At the beginning of the week it looked as if there might not be a hog roast, because of the Boughton tradition of not telling the organisers that tickets were required. It's difficult to plan anything without some idea of the numbers who are likely to come, particularly when food is involved. However, as usual, the village got involved, and the hog roast was a great success. The Green looked great with the large tent and all the chairs and tables spread out in front of it. Thanks to Frank Reid, the grass is in just the right condition to enhance such an occasion. There must have been about ninety people in the end, doing justice to the beautifully cooked hog prepared by Andy Beeston, who served it in wearing his usual immaculate and stylish garb.

It was lovely to see some of the newcomers to the village joining in, and we hope they will continue to do so. Without a central focus of activities, it is difficult to foster a sense of community, and these events all help us to do so. The weather had been threatening all day, but the rain held off until everyone had at least had their portion of hog, and a few glasses of wine in many cases. When it did come, it didn't really matter, and the party went on. Squashing together in the large tent, or even closer together under a certain pergola, was a great way to meet other people! It even produced an offer to take part in the annual Churches cycle ride!

Thanks are more than due to Pauline Lee-Evans for organising the event, and to Ian, Andy, Ann, Ollie, and Tony for all that they did to help. Thanks to all those people who donated raffle prizes. I always hope to win the aeroplane trip which Paul Coulten is kind enough to donate, but never do. Thanks to David Pomery for running the actual draw on the night! £369 was raised for the church project, which brings just a little bit nearer the day when we will have our own village hall and can run more events.

Pam Wakeling

The churchwardens would like to thank Steve and Karen Short for their donation of strawberries and cream at the Open Gardens Day back in June. Accent Fresh have always been very generous.

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